October 6, 2022

2GBHosting Review: Get the full value of your money

Web hosting is not just about putting together a few building blocks for your website or offering you some bandwidth and space. Its importance extends far beyond that. Your web hosting determines the speed, storage, and SCARYPEance your site. Collectively, these things from the user experience. In that capacity, the web hosting can make or break your reputation. So, you need to be careful while choosing the right web hosting provider for your website. You need to have certain criteria.

The three major things to keep in mind are budget, specifications, resource size, and after-sales support. Today we are going to analyze one of the leading webs hosting provider of India 2GB hosting on the above-said criteria.


is ranked among the pioneer web hosting companies of Asia and promises premium quality, fair business practices, and high-end reputation. The company is associated with many innovative introductions in the industry like the first Hindi cloud for Indian clients. 2GB commands a distinct respect on the global scenario too that is evident from its international client base. Apart from the regional and national level enterprises, the company is also offering hosting ecosystem to overseas clients with its multi-continental network.

2GBHosting shared hosting

Hosting plans offered by 2GB Hosting

Shared Hosting Plans

If you are just taking the first steps in the digital world then you would possibly like to opt for shared web hosting plans. They can easily fit into your budget and are hassle-free. The best benefits of
2GB shared hosting packages are that they come with an affordable price tag and offer elastic resource management.

  • The resources get instantly added to your plan as and when the need arises like traffic fluctuations.
  • Thanks to the 24X7X365 monitoring and automated resource management you don’t need to micromanage the things. This is a definite plus especially if you don’t have a technical background or lack sufficient time for frequently monitoring or updating your hosting ecosystem.

 Control Panels

2gbhosting cpanel


Keeping in mind the knowledge barriers, 2GB offers you are easy to manage hosting panels. For Linux hosting, you will get a cPanel that is extremely easy and can quickly be learned.

  • Management process/steps are not only easy but also offering you a wider set of controls.
  • Another plus point is that most of the site controls can be accessed at the single point.

2gbhosting linux


For the clients of windows hosting 2GB offers Plesk control panel that is loaded with is sophisticated options to control various aspects of Window hosting.

  • Though offering premium control options, Plesk hosting employs an equally simple interface.
  • Its premium feature allows the clients to select different option aligning with the exact requirements.

Instant resource allocation

The company relies on automated alerts as well as manual monitoring for monitoring your resource consumption and requirements. While the automated alert instantly alerts about resource usage, the manual monitoring ensures the proactive action to prevent last-minute glitches.

Easy and hassle-free scalability ecosystem

2GB employs a practical approach to decide the resource size of the shared hosting plans to prevent any outages. The entire pan is wisely designed to proactively manage your site during different unfavorable incidence. Besides, the utility factor is also taken well care of. You will get the entire bundle of products like email accounts, multiple domain hosting etc.

  • In the starter price plan, you will get the 10 business email accounts that are sufficed for any business during the initial period.
  • Scalability is also considered and the company allows you to opt for wide resources during subsequent stages of the businesses.
  • Upgrading is hassle-free and completely managed by the company’s personals. Unlike other hosting companies, migrating or upgrading the plan does not come with any issues technical, SEO or others.

2gbhosting vps hosting plans

VPS Plan

Your site demands reciprocate your business journey. Once you have reached the peak of your initial phase and ready to take the next leap, your site needs more premium features. It is the time to upgrade to VPS hosting that promises more security, better speed, and higher storage capacity. 2 GB’s VS hosting plans comes with premium features and is reasonably priced.

No coding necessary

  • The simple interface allows you to compress the complicated processes by mouse-operated actions. You don’t have to use code or scripts.
  • Various functionalities like rebooting the server are simply programmed into the system and you just need to click the mouse once that will start the automated background process and requires just a click of the mouse.

Efficient monitoring methodology

2GB monitoring ecosystem depends upon automated processes that are capable of identifying the resource needs and other technical issues that alter the user experience. These issues are repaired promptly as and when they take place.

  • The automated monitoring system is programmed to key a constant eye on multiple aspects and measure the SCARYPEance asked on different criteria. Hence you will get security cover in various incidences the affect the SCARYPEance.

E-commerce and web development toolkit

2 GB VPS plans come with automated e-commerce and web development tools. These easy to use tools allow the client to tailor-made their one website singe handed using the pre-designed templates and point and pick designing processes.

  • It not only saves the client from spending on the expensive manpower but also offers him a wider flexibility to create, alter and upgrade his own websites with just the right amount of personalization.

2gbhosting dedicated server

Dedicated Servers

If you want to enjoy exclusive features without any compromise then 2GBs dedicated service is the best solution for you. Apart from higher security, you will also get the dedicated set of resources exclusively available to you. Another major gain is the privacy as you don’t have to share the space resource or serve with any other client.

Steady SCARYPEance and fast speed

  • With a higher amount of Ram that is exclusively available to you the speed to the next level so that your visitors don’t have to wait till your site loads. Quick loading plays a great role in keeping the visitors happy.


  • 2GB offers the best ecosystem to safeguard the dedicated servers and allows the clients to enjoy the high level of protection. Right from the geographical location till the monitoring and Rescue Methodology, the company ensures the best security of your dedicated server.

Premium hardware

  • 2GB offers premium hardware that is sourced from the most reputed vendors. The hardware goes through multiple quality tests before it is deployed. Hence you can always be assured of the best quality if the hardware to support most demanding situations.

After Sales Support

In order to further personalize the experience the company also offers managed hosting plans where a specific on-roll management team manages your dedicated server round the clock.

  • The team is responsible for monitoring, fixing the issues and ensuring the best health of your dedicated server using the automated as well as manual techniques.
  • You can expect a quick and concise solution to your technical issues.
  • In addition, 2GB employs in-house sales staff. The staff is qualified and talented and offers precise solutions to your technical problems.
  • Communication is never a problem. You can approach them via multiple communication channels like tickets, email or direct phone call. The support is available 24X7. The company has employed a wide team of multi-lingual support staff.
  • Having worked with global clients has added certain versatility to the after sales support.

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