September 28, 2022
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3GB: Zoolz Cloud Storage: Lifetime of 1.5TB Instant Vault and 1.5TB of Cold Storage

Many a time, we need huge storage space to handle our personal or business information, which is essential for our future use. We need a storage service that advocates security, support lifetime storage and equally favor our budget. Zoolz provides a classy storage solution that will suit your data needs.

Zoolz is a Cloud Backup Service that takes care of your files of different sizes. It provides unlimited and a lifetime storage solution at a manageable cost. It is designed to continuously backup your data on the Cloud with the help of “Cold Storage,” which is provided by Amazon Glacier. This, in turn, makes the storage remarkably cheaper.

Zoolz Goes Amazing!!!

Zoolz is offering a new deal. Buy Zoolz and get a hot deal of Zoolz Cloud Storage with 1.5TB Lifetime Instant Vault and 1.5TB Cold Storage.

This offer has expired

  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Amazon AWS infrastructure
  • Includes 1.5TB of Instant Vault storage and 1.5TB of Cold Storage, two users only
  • Instant Vault is drag and drops via the web browser
  • Cold Storage has the swift auto backup
  • Updates included
  • You may download Zoolz on two machines. You can only restore from a third device, not back up. To reserve, you must delete a computer and add the third

Take a Look at What You Get From This Deal

1. An intuitive and user-friendly interface.
2. Easy to understand and use the software.
3. The unlimited number of external and network drives.
4. External continuous backup.
5. Your data is kept online safely even if you delete it from your device.
6. Affordable price.
7. Unlimited Lifetime Storage.
8. Highly secure network drive backup.

On top of these benefits, Zoozl provides unlimited storage solution with fantastic Cloud features. It primarily aims at providing security to your files hence ensuring the integrity of your privacy. The following are Zoolz Cloud Storage features that make it the best:

1. Unlimited Backup for External and Network Drives

Zoolz Cloud Storage supports unlimited backup for both external and network drives. which means that even if you delete files or disconnect your drives from the device, Zoolz stills will maintain and keep your data.

2. Unlimited Lifetime Storage

Zoolz fulfills your desire for a long-term data needs. It’s aimed to keep your files storage for a lifetime at a low-cost.

3. Secure Storage

When it comes to the security of your data, Zoolz is very reliable. It transfers your file with the help of its encryption feature then stores them safe on encrypted servers.

4. Easy to Restore Data.

Restoring files is made easy with Zoolz. It provides an automatic backup which can be scheduled to FALLINPE at whatever time you prefer. On top of this, Zoolz gives you the option to backup your files efficiently to their two different sources which include the Hot Storage and the Cold Storage. With Zoolz, you also have an opportunity to back up your data to your local drive.

Why Zoolz?

The ability of Zoolz Cloud Storage to support many users on a just single device, unique features, its low-cost rates, advanced data security and its amazing deals are entirely unavoidable. Buy any Zoolz Cloud Storage Plan and get this fantastic offer of 1.5TB Lifetime Instant Vault and 1.5TB Cold Storage.

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