September 26, 2022
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Take 5 Minutes to Get Started With App Hunt Expired Domain Names

September 2022, Domains are considered the hottest asset in SEO market. Domains such expired ones have wonderful backlink profiles which significantly improve your ranking to search engine. However, finding a relevant aged domain is not that easy. It can be difficult and time-consuming to research for the best package to use. There are a lot of tools that promise tremendous results in finding aged domains. Most tools have failed to prove their worth while others have provided inappropriate information. Fortunately, Domain Hunter-Gatherer (DHG) software is an exception. It helps you to efficiently research and find domains that are applicable to your taste. Therefore, before buying it, you need to understand how it works and how to use it.

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What is Domain Hunter Gatherer (DHG)?

DHG is a software designed to help Internet Marketers to efficiently find aged domains. It can also be used to creep Web 2.0 accounts. DHG also helps webmaster to auction premium domains in time.

How does Domain Hunter Gatherer work?

Domain Hunter Gatherer has features that guarantee access to relevant expired domains with ease. DHG has three main features that make it work automatically. These features include:

1. Expired Domain Hunter

This is a powerful feature of Domain Hunter Gatherer that helps you to search for aged domains by crawling the web. This tool acts as a crawler in three ways:

Crawl by domains – This special feature helps you to crawl expired domains by entering a particular address of a website in an effort to find aged domains in that specific site.

Crawl by using Seed List – This feature enables you to search for expired domains present in domains found in seed list. This seed list is obtained from domain suggestion tool based on the keyword you are using.

Crawl by use of keyword – This helps you identify domains using a specific keyword. For instance, typing an exact keyword will provide a list of all aged domains and their metrics like Google page rank.

2. Domain Auction Hunter

This feature helps you to search through various domains from auction websites like Godaddy and Sedo. This makes it easy to filter them as per the metrics and page rank. This enables SEO experts to come up with the best domain name for SEO and business. In addition, domain auction hunter helps in finding branded powerful domains in an ultimately faster way.

Check out Godaddy auction vs Check out Domain Gather Hunter auction

3. Web 2.0 Hunter

This tool is special for gathering a huge list of web 2.0 and collecting blogs to show you available accounts for acquisition. By the help of Analyze web 2.0 tab, this feature gives you an option to check if the available domains are of high quality. It also shows all the analysis and metrics like status and checks if it’s indexed in search engines. It shows all social media signals that come with the domain including tweets and Facebook likes.

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What do you require in order to use Domain Hunter Gatherer?

In order to use DHG efficiently, you need these basic requirements. 1. DHG is compatible with devices like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, and Vista. 2. You need a net framework of at least 4.0 size. 3. Your compatible PC must have a minimum of 1 GB RAM

Is Domain Hunter Gatherer right tool for you?

Yes. What makes DHG even more special is its ability to support a huge number of proxy server provider. Its fast in execution since it supports more than 100 threads in a single run without fail. Unlike other tools, Domain Hunter Gatherer supports a large number of tools such as Godaddy, Sedo, Flippa, Bido and among others.

DHG Plans and Pricing.

DHG offers three different plans to its user. These include Free plan, Premium plan, and Professional Plan.

The Free plan of DHG provides Ad-Supported Auction Hunting tools. This feature comes with many benefits. It is free and helps in Domain Auction Hunting. It has great video guides. In addition, it helps you to compare domains from all Auction websites.

The Premium plan offers you all the features of the free plan. In addition, Premium plan guarantee users access to the web 2.0 hunter with links and social shares. With this plan, it’s free to register with their ultimate account. It’s also faster than the free version. It has 30 days money back guarantee and only cost £10 per months.

The Professional version has all features of the Premium and Free plan. It gives you an option of finding quality aged domains from hunting keywords from sites. It provides you the opportunity to build a powerful private blog network by crawling millions of websites across the world. It also comes with 30 days money back guarantee and it cost up to £47 per month.

In conclusion, Domain Hunter Gatherer is the better option for Internet Marketer and SEO experts. As its tag name suggests, “Professional Expired Domain Hunting” it will do all difficult searching of expired domains. DHG has 24/7 guaranteed support to its user. You can never ignore the power of using this tool.

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