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Looking for a Blogger alternative to grow up your business to a higher level because the Blogger free platform cannot meet the requirement of the growth of your website. There is a perfect alternative that is a good fit for your works. Since Blogger platform offers Free, but there is a lot of limitation for users to deal with it. Example: There is no email marketing support with blogger, no email address for business comes with the custom domain name. Or with Blogger we can add the custom domain name to blogger, but it does not support custom SSL certificate. It is the reason why you must leave the free platform to grow your business to a higher level of paid services with all the features that meet your business.

Here is the full comparison between Blogger free Platform and WordPress Paid Plan:

Blogger Free:

– Not Support SSL certificate,
– Not support Newsletter Sign up or Email Marketing
– Not support custom domain name for all images
– Not offer a free domain name
– Hard to config custom domain name if you don’t know how to do this
– Does not support business or you can not upgrade to a higher level.
– Very hard to install and config a new Template
– There is just a few blogger Template
– You can not Config DNS right inside the dashboard. You must do that at the domain name provider.
– Not support Custom Nameserver.
– No CDN support paid plan:

– Support SSL certificate with any custom domain name. They auto-install SSL certificate at the time you launch a new site
– helps you buy the domain name and connect to your website, and they offer free this domain name, free privacy hidden, domain name auto-config for your site,
– There’re thousands of Free Template and Premium Templates for you to choose
– Support Newsletter sign up form and email marketing tool. They will send newsletter emails to subscribers any time new posts published, They also support MailChimp sign-up form.
– You can have a custom email address come along with your domain name. They support G-Suite, Zoho, Office365 Mail.
– You can Config DNS right inside the dashboard
– also offers custom nameserver so you can add your nameserver.
– The WordPress community is enormous, more significant than a blogger.
CDN support is available. has a CDN feature called Photon which helps the images of your website load three times faster than before.

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There is no free can make us happy at all. We can not do anything with free services. ?Just give it a try to let it show you how powerful it is.

How to Migrate our Blog from Blogger to WordPress

There is a way that can help you to do that. Go to your blogger dashboard and export the entire blog to import to WordPress. The export file has a .xml extension. Once you have the export file from the blogger, import it to the blog that you bought here. WordPress will restore all your content from the old blog for you.

Happy WordPress blogging
Happy blogging

Do you know coding stuff? or Parking domain name, HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes stuff. If you don’t, don’t stick around some free services that don’t offer some upgrade or very hard config with coding. We are not expert, we are just a normal person. So we just do best what we can do.

I have a lot of websites are using paid services, and I can say it saves me a lot of time and you know that I don’t know or learning about CSS, HTML coding. Because the simple, clean, and easy of itself, so I have a decision to use services. Now, I just hire writers to prepare for the contents and art designer for images of my blog. I just do the only thing is pushing the publish button to share my posts with the world.

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