September 28, 2022

Buy ? .APP Domain Extension For Your Android & iOS Application Now

In our current digital world, applications have become essential to business, organizations, and government at large. Apps have played a big role in supporting these bodies, creating a platform for interaction between the leaders and stakeholders, customers and other interested parties, irrespective of their disciplines. Due to this, the .APP domain is among the most amazing and anticipated generic top-level domains (gTLD) in a long run. Google’s support to .APP domain extension has also given .APP an upper hand.

? What is .APP domain extension for?

.APP Domain Extension was made for developers, web apps users, publishers and mobile apps users. If you’re a developer or just a fan, registering your website using .APP domain will ensure you an application website as your desire.

? Why You Need .APP Domain Extension

We use apps in all areas of our lives, be it playing or communicating. Every prominent industry out there requires professional domain in their everyday operations. The big question now is, why do we need .APP Domain Extension for? We’ve narrowed down some few but very important reasons as to why you need .APP Domain Extension.

Simply .APP domain name mean for applications(Android, IOS,…)

? As an Application Developer/Programmer, why do I need an .APP Domain Extension?

.APP domain name is essential to every application developers and apps software companies. For instance, as an application developer, .APP domain extension comes with lots of benefits. With this top-level domain, you are able to present your applications to a large audience hence enable your target audience to find you online easily. And with the current internet technology, your online operations are guaranteed high chances of success. In addition, you can also encourage safer download links in your site with .APP domain.

? As a Mobile App Company, why do I need an .APP Domain Extension?

This top-level domain gives you space to professionally showcase and promote your apps through an associated website. You can recruit new talent and also share updates about your business using .APP domain extension.

Generally, it’s vital for both app users and app developers to know that .APP offers a restricted namespace. Therefore, be sure of your data security. However, for this to work effectively, you must secure your .APP websites with an SSL certificate or HTTPS. This will protect you against ads malware and track injection by ISPs. In addition, it will safeguard you against spying on open Wi-Fi networks.

? Where can I buy .APP Domain Extension?

.App’s story was conceived in 2012. Thereafter, Google won the bid in 2015 for a record of $25M to run it for a record of $25M beating out big players in the market like Amazon. This means Google is the official registration site for this domain.

Initially, it was not clear when this app will be available for the public to buy and there were no plans for these world’s Network Solutions companies to start selling it. Luckily enough, .APP is now available at Godaddy and Dynadot for your iPhone and Android device at a favorable price. You’re now able to buy domain name at Godaddy and Dynadot  ahead of .APP general availability. You can purchase it just like any other domain names.

Take me to Godaddy website

? Why buy .APP domain from Godaddy?

Godaddy s is currently the World’s largest registrar. Therefore it has won the market trust of most people than any other domain provider.

In addition, this company has a great support to its clients. It has a team of professional experts who are very responsive to provide solutions for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Since finding a domain may be challenging, Godaddy has also advanced and powerful search engines that provide web’s largest pool of domain names enabling you to choose the right domain name.

? Why buy .APP domain from Dynadot?

Dynadot gives you the following benefits: 1. Free domain packing 2. Free forwarding 3. Free stealth forwarding 4. Free DNS5. Free one-page we hosting6. World class customer service

Take me to Dynadot website

? The Cost of .APP Domain Extensions at Godaddy

Godaddy is now giving its fans the opportunity to pre-register with as little as $12.49 per year to be effective in the first year. However, the company has created plans for you to access the most sought-after domains. All applications will be reviewed after the closure of priority pre-registration.

? The Cost of .APP Domain Extensions at Dynadot

The Cost of .APP Domain Extensions at Dynadot Since the finding of domain names is not easy, Dynadot is giving a favorable price of doing this at ease. You can register your .APP at a price of $599.00 which will be effective for a period of one year. The renewal and transfer price goes at $14.99. And in case you want to restore your .APP domain, you can do it at $199.99.

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