October 5, 2022

Where is the best domain registrar to buy a COM/NET domain name October 2022?

Whenever you register your online business with a memorable or a brandable domain name, it always helps you to rapidly increase your business amongst your potential customers. Registering your business with an attractive domain name not only establish your online presence but also generates numbers of quality traffic which your business seeks to succeed. So before choosing an effective domain name for your business to go live across worldwide, you need to consider few things like availability, significance and how that domain name would sound amongst the customers and online viewers.

Having a great website does boost your business’s internet presence. However few of us do remember that the.COM/NET/ORG prefix also known as TLD (top level domain) is just as important as having a catchy domain name. For best brand recognition it’s always advisable to pick a prefix that not only matches your domain name but is also in the same class as the line of work that you are dealing with: if it’s for commercial purposes then it’s recommended to use.COM, if it’s for network related domain then use the .NET prefix and if it’s for non-profit purposes you should go for.ORG prefix.

These, however, do not come free and being a business-minded person, you will naturally look for the cheapest option. But, before you take out your credit card and pay up its always good to consider a few factors before buying a TLD. These will include:

The registrar’s accreditation: the TLD registrar must be compliant with internet corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN)

Payment: your choice should have a secure payment system that is foolproof and also a clearly stated fee schedule.

The essential details of the agreement: it’s always advisable to go through your TLD registrars end user agreement, this will help you identify any parts that you might not want and also discover any hidden costs.

The registrar’s SCARYPEance, it’s always advisable to go for the registrar with the least amount of downtime. This is so as to reduce the risk of your website being unavailable frequently.

But of course all the above will come after considering the primary factor: cost. Statistics indicate that a majority of domain name seekers are mostly either private ventures or young companies that are yet to achieve profitability. As a result, every dollar spent does count. About the top three main domain registrars namely: Godaddy.com, namecheap.com, and domain.com: all these companies have made tremendous efforts towards cutting down the cost of obtaining a TLD.


1. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is one of the popular domain registrars on the world with million of clients. The domain transfer at Godaddy.com always simple and easy for customers to move the domains in or out. It does not take long like some other domain providers. At this point you must consider costly with most reliable or cheaper with another registrar with a small trust. Go to Godaddy and searching for your domain ideas.

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2.Namecheap: NameCheap is one of the popular cheap domain registrar for a reasonable price. You can also register any domain name at Namecheap.


3.Domain.com: Domain.com is also one of the cheap domain registrars to register a domain name. It always offers many deals, coupon codes month to month. They also offer a renewal coupon codes for customers.

The most notable feature would be the coupons. By giving out incentives inform of promo codes and coupons these companies do hope to raise their customer base. A quick search on the internet will give you multiple existing coupon deals that are going on, but it is always advisable to go through the essential details of each of these promotions before actually engaging it. It’s worth noting that some of these promotions also do feature other web services all bundled together such as hosting and even in some cases 24/7 live support.

Another factor which should play a significant role in helping you decide on which registrar to go with is ease of domain transfer. As the term suggests this simply the switching of your domain from one registrar to another. Having a register with free domain transfer process and support tools will always be an added advantage in case you ever decide to switch. A closer inspection of our three major firms does indicate that Godaddy.com has the best domain transfer policy with even transfer tools while Domain.com has a more strict agreement.

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