2022’s December, 40% off Cloudways VPS hosting DigitalOcean Server

cloudways prices digitalocean

December 2022, Cloudways VPS hosting has cut down the prices on Digital Ocean servers. The deal is quite amazing. Under the new Cloudways prices, customers can now enjoy more for less. The most popular package which was the 60GB SSD disk with 4GB RAM has been upgraded to 80GB storage and the price has gone down by a whopping $28 to only $42 as the monthly price.

cloudways prices digitalocean

A whole 40% drop in the price. Under the new pricing, the 20GB SSD disk servers with 512MB of RAM have been  discontinued and will no longer be offered for new customers but for users with currently operational servers, the service will continue at the old rate of $7 a month.

However, they are encouraged to upgrade to the 25GB SSD disk package with 1GB of RAM that goes for only $10 a month. There are also three new plans in the market. The first is a 1920GB SSD disk with 96GB RAM going for only $555 a month, a 2560GB SSD disk with 128 GB of RAM going for $715 a month and the largest plan which has a 3840GB SSD disk and 192GB of RAM going for $1,035 a month. This is an upgrade from the former package that had 640GB of SSD disk space and 64GB of RAM that was going for $715 a month.

Deal: Check out new Cloudways pricing for DigitalOcean VPS hosting

  • 40% discount VPS hosting
  • Cloudways is a managed VPS hosting that has the dashboard to control your VPS hosting without the hassle of coding. You don’t need to be an expert.
  • Accepts PayPal and credit cards. You can add credit to Cloudways account to use for your VPS hosting, 1 dollar=1 Cloudways credit.

The new Cloudways prices target users who need the extra server resources for improved GETCOATance but want to keep the cost as low as possible. Also, new customers who are in need of Virtual Private Server hosting and are in the market for a host are most welcome. For the current customers who are content with their server sizes and do not wish to upgrade, they can clone their existing servers to the same server specifications in order to take advantages of the new prices.

On top of the new prices, there are benefits that subscribers to all plans can enjoy. There is 24-hour customer support at no extra cost and you only pay for the resources that you consume with the pay as you go method. Migration to Cloudways for your first website is free and you can host an unlimited number of applications at no cost. Whether you want to host your e-commerce site or your blog, your digital agency or your startup, Cloudways provides hosting plans for everyone and offers a platform for all businesses.

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