June 1, 2023
Godaddy coupon

2023’s June- 50% Off Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection Coupon

June 2023 Breaking news, You can get up to 50% off on GoDaddy Domain Privacy Protection (Privacy Registration) when using the coupon code.

The manual price for this service at GoDaddy.com is $9.99 per year, and you can use the coupon codes below to get a discount.

It means you saved more money for the order on domain privacy registration. You didn’t see this offer like this before, didn’t you? It’s so far so good for me.

GoDaddy has updated a new logo:

godaddy coupon new logo

Redeem this coupon Code to make your discount

33% Off GoDaddy Domain Privacy Protection

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GoDaddy New Purchases Coupon

Note: This code doesn’t apply to renewal domain names.

40% Off New Purchases

$5.99 SSL Certificate First-Year Registration

$9.99 SSL 1st Year
$5.99 SSL 1st Year
$5.99 SSL 1st Year
$5.99 SSL 1st Year

 Why do you need to protect your domain privacy?

Mr anonymous, try to dig up your private information of domain names that you have given to the Icann.  Once you have turned on this feature, No one can get your private information from your domain name.

Your domain information is readable and trackable by search engine robots, robot programs, and much more, and those bad guys will use that information against you by trying to attack. It means your domain is not protected so everyone can see your info, like your email address, home address, and telephone number. To protect yourself from spammers, set up this option by ordering Privacy protection at GoDaddy.

Keep your domain info in a safe zone by domain privacy protection. No one can touch you.

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