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Cujo protect chiildren

Have you ever looking for a strong device can keep control your home network, take care of your children out of the threats from the internet. We all do know the internet is not a safe place with those questionable contents out there can harm our children any time without warning. We need to protect our kids and families from fraudsters, and we have to get the right solution at the right time. Cujo seems to be the best options for us today, and I will let you know more about this.

Cujo firewall

What is Cujo?

Cujo is a smart firewall physical device(a toolbox) that plug into your home router and keep control all the traffic in or out from the router. If there is any threats or suspicious activity is detected Cujo will tell to the cloud to block it then sending the notification about the threats, suspicious activities to your smartphone to confirm that. Its features will allow you to keep your kids protected from any harmful website while they are surfing the Net. It will indeed give you the peace of mind that you need to get these days. Your connected home will be safe once you put your hands on Cujo today. Say farewell to web threats and hacks because Cujo will be there for you. Cujo will give your connected devices the protection they need to stay safe these days. Keeping your kiddos safe is an easy task when you put your hands on Cujo today.

Cujo security tool kids
Cujo protect the home network

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Protect the home network.

Your home can get business-level security today thanks to Cujo. This firewall is all about protecting your home network, and it does the job pretty well. Remember also that your antivirus will not give you the level of protection you need to keep your smart devices protected from attackers, so you need to get a firewall such as Cujo today. Since Cujo uses machine learning, you will get a higher level of protection for your devices in a short period. Don’t let an attacker trick you just into visiting any malicious site. Get Cujo today and stay away from this.

getcujo firewall
Getcujo Protect you and your family out of online threatens

How can Cujo Protect our children and the home network out of questionable contents?

There is a Cujo option available for you to filtering which materials are safe for your children and family. That means you can set up a blacklist of the website to block it via Cujo network tool.

Cujo will not allow attackers to find security flaws, and this will give you the financial protection you have been seeking for a long time. Attackers sell financial information to fraudsters, but you will not be part of the victims if you get Cujo today.

Cujo protect children
Cujo protect children

Does it slow down my network?

Cujo is blazing fast meaning that this software will not slow down your network. There is also an app that you will manage to use so you can better manage your firewall. Connecting Cujo with your web browsers is also very easy.

Cujo is truly a gateway between your Internet connection and your device. The device will inspect any data coming or leaving your network so it can protect your devices from threats right before they can reach their targets. That is amazing, and your protection will be guaranteed when you put your hands on Cujo. Cujo will also analyze the behavior of your network giving you the protection you have been seeking for a long time. You need to use Cujo in any newly connected device because these items don’t have a pre-installed security feature that you can use to protect this product right away.

Plans and pricing

Cujo will give you many options when it comes to prices. You will get an $8.99/month package that will allow you to get the service. The $99 is for the Cujo device to plug into your router. You can also pay $158 for (1-year subscription of security service + Cujo device). But you will not have to pay a red cent per month if you pay $249 at once with no subscription for the security of service which means Cujo protect your network lifetime with no more charging fee.

Check out Cujo Plans and Pricing

Remember that Cujo is a smart internet security firewall that is here to stay for a long time. Its combination of GETCOATance and features are just excellent, and your family will reap the rewards in no time. Cujo has many plans that will suit your budget right away, which is just the beginning of the fun for you.

Cujo also has many options when it comes to prices. The most expensive version of Cujo is amazingly fast, but you will need to pay a little bit more for it every month. Remember also that Cujo comes with a money-back guarantee that you can use today. Cujo is easy to set up, and you will be able to do this in no time. You can also download Cujo on your IOS or Android device right away. That is the kind of convenience that you have to get today.

Shipping to the US

Cujo will ship the US . You can expect to get this item in around 3 or 2 days if you happen to live in America. There is also a next-day service for Australia and Canada. You can take advantage of this option if you don’t want to wait for the product to protect your home network.

United States – Ships next business day, delivery 2-3 business days.

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