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The logo is one of the fittest images that express the identity of the activity, whether it is a website or a commercial activity, where it is shown. That could represent your identity visually. Besides, it could communicate with the viewers visually.

Why the logo is so vital to your business

1. Expose your brand identity.

The identity or logo explaining to the user who is viewing it the type of service or activity that you offer

Thus, just seeing the logo through which it is possible to know the nature of the activity or the commodity offered.

2. Invite your customers to know that you are the best.

Clients are naturally attracted to interesting and attractive things, so the more distinctive your activity logo, the more particular you will be.

3. Brands set themselves apart from the competition.

If you have a unique identity, it helps your customers on your products to be distinct from your competitors.

Do you want to create a logo for your business or website but don’t know where to start getting the logo? For some reason, the budget, the design skill, so could not be able to manage your logo project by yourself in the past. Luckily, you, who may have no idea about design, could easily make logos inexpensive even free.

So, where you can create your logo so quickly and effortlessly? The answer is the online graphic tool; more spicily is online logo maker. This piece of post is going to show you how to make your logo with this kind of tool that takes DesignEvo, one of the practiced online logo maker.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online tool that exclusive to help people to create a logo without requiring any skills and experience. Also, it provides a free plan that you can download your logo for free. Therefore, you can save your logo when you short of budget. In addition, you can use it online, you can also download this program on your phone or Mac.

How to make it work for your logo project?

Signing up is super easy. Go to its homepage and click Sign up in the upper right corner.

You will be required to complete the registration form. This is very simple, as it only asks for your email address and password. If you prefer to sign up using Facebook or Google, this option is also provided.

To start creating your logo, click on the “Make a Free Logo” button at the top of the screen. You will be taken to the template selecting page.

On your left, you will see some categories. Each category provides a specific set of templates that can be related to your organization or type of business. As it has 10,000+ prebuilt templates, it would be a big project to choose your template to customize. In this case, you can enter your keywords to find if you have a clear idea about the logo design.

However, if you prefer to start creating your own logo from the beginning, this is also possible. Click the “Start from Scratch” button on the right side of the screen.

Here, you’ll receive some features, including millions of icons, over 100  fonts, shapes that you can use to create your own unique logo.

Main features

If you thought that different fonts, shapes and icons are all you get – you are wrong.

The platform also gives you the chance to change the background color with a simple click. They have a comprehensive color palette, so you will definitely find a color that suits your business.

And while this web-based logo has great features, one thing that will definitely blow your mind is the preview option that allows you to preview your design before downloading it. This is really cool.


The tool is freemium. You could use it for free. However, DesignEvo asks you to give them credit by sharing the platform on your website, social media pages or blog.

Final words

Once you use this tool, you will probably find DesignEvo very cool. It is effortless to navigate and has all the basic features needed to create a good looking logo for your business.

If you want to get a high-resolution logo, then here this code HD09W4UT95KO with 30% off could save you some money.

How to redeem the code?

1. Login to your DesignEvo account on

2. Create and download your logo.

3. On the pricing page, choose Plus package or Basic package.

4. Enter the code on the checkout page to download the logo with 30% off.


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