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How To Use Domain Name Generator

Tip 1: Put into to search input area the keyword that related to your product or target niche

Tip 2: Hit the "Generate domain name" button

Tip 3: Scroll a little bit down to check the results

Tip 4: Once you have found the perfect match domain name, hit the "check domain" button to check the availability of the domain name

Tip 5: Go to the domain name registrar then register your domain name

Tip 6: Hire the tech expert to connect the domain name to your website

Note: If the domain name does not show up, just try other keyword or reload the website.

Who is available with this tool?

Anyone who building a niche website with long tail keyword

Anyone would like to buy the longtail domain name related to the keyword.

Anyone does affiliate marketing


This is a domain name suggestion tool only, it does not an SEO tool or SAAS software. You might get a great domain name with our domain name suggestion tool but we don't promise it will help you go to the first page of ranking on the search results of search engine. To get the positive results with the search engine, it bases on your efforts.

This is just a domain suggestion tool, sometimes it might get some issues. Please feel free to use our tool.