May 27, 2023

Wow! Free Trial Godaddy Drag & Drop Website Builder – May 2023

GoDaddy Drag & Drop Website Builder is one of the best & simple services to build an individual website in a few steps. Do not touch any codes, not need to learn or know about HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I have no time to learn that crazy stuff. I like the things simple & easy to get. Furthermore, I’m not a web designer. So, Drag and Drop web builder is my choice to launch my individual page for my friends, family, customers to know about my job. The website builder is a kind of landing page, and it’s very useful to build a portfolio profile site to showcase my work.


I don’t need to do a lot of fuzzy things like the other guys, taking a whole month to finish the new website. Don’t like WordPress, Joomla, or the others, Website builder does everything in the front-end interface and does not do anything at the backend admin dashboard.
Drag & Drop is a whole thing to build a portfolio profile

Suitable For

  • Designer
  • Photographer
  • Freelancer
  • Architecture
  • Engineer
  • Housewife


There are many best features, many applications all ready to set on the site like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, PayPal. The images easy to upload, scale the size, and set it live. Easy to switch the templates between each other or change the main color of the site.

Drag & Drop

I drag an element I want to set up and drop it anywhere on the page. So, it’s simple and easy like take a cup of coffee. I have no time to deal with codes and the other stuff, this is my choice. I want it simple, clean & clear, easy to look and working with.

Customized Templates

One of the reasons I and the others tend to interest with website builder because it very easy to customize templates. There are a lot of kind of themes to working with and all themes free

+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ YouTube
+ Yelp
+ PayPal
+ Images


Try GoDaddy website builder today for free


  • A free domain name included. You can select any domain name as you like when buying a website builder package.
  • A Free email account for your website included with no charge.
  • Free support by phone or live chat on business days
  • Free Over 50 themes already to set up.
  • Available for mobile with Business plan
  • Free SSL certificate(HTTPS) for Business Plus package.
  • Search Engine Optimization – get a higher ranking on Google search for Business Plus Package

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