GhostVolt is a Windows tool that can help you protect your files, data, and folders with advanced encryption.

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GhostVolt provides all the best protection for your files, securing them with advanced encryption technology. It only allows authorized access.

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How to redeem the product purchase

You can access the profile dashboard to see the product details and guides to activate the app.

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Key features of GhostVolt

File Encryption: GhostVolt allows you to encrypt all your important files and folders using its encryption algorithms.

Multi-layer security: GhostVolt uses a multi-layer security system to protect your data. It includes strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and access management that lets you control who has access to encrypted files.

Key Management: GhostVolt provides a key management system that allows you to manage and control data access by assigning access rights to users and user groups.

Activity Monitoring: This software provides activity monitoring so you can track and audit who accessed your data, when, and what to do with it. It helps you identify unwanted activities and protect your data from potential threats.

Backup and recovery: GhostVolt allows you to perform data backup and recovery with ease, ensuring that you can restore data.