June 1, 2023

June 2023, 70% off Greengeeks WordPress Hosting to Jump-Start Online Business

Do you really want to Jump-start your online businesses? And what is the point of the first step? To start up your online businesses the first thing we should do is finding premium hosting that comes up with high-priority support and mostly secure. Because we take a look at the time, cash and hard work, or even we work through days or night to finish our job.

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So, what’s going to happens if in some cases the hosting providers not secure enough? We already know that! GreenGeeks web hosting is mostly chosen by a lot of customers in the US and around the world for high priority support and highly secure.
So, Who are GreenGeeks’s customers? I’m following a lot of forums and fan pages, SPI communities on the internet. So, I can tell you who’s exactly their customers.
– Affiliate marketers.
– Entrepreneur.
* Writers.
– Logo designers.
– Vendors.
– much more.

WordPress Hosting Features

  • FREE Blazing Fast Enterprise SSD RAID-10 Storage.
  • Free tech support transfer website from old hosting to GreenGreeks
  • FREE 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Unlimited Webspace & Data Transfer
  • Free Daily Backups of the entire site.
  • CDN & Multiple Data Centers make your website load faster and faster

If You had a website hosted from another hosting before, and you thought it doesn’t secure enough, and you want to transfer your old website to Greengeeks, but you don’t know-how! Ok! That’s just fine! Anytime I really want to move my website from this host to another host, I’ll contact the tech supports to require some help. At GreenGeeks, It’s very easy! They’ll do all the rest for you without losing of any files or data.

GreenGeeks Data Centers

Here little information about Greengeeks’s data-centers I saw on their website, you can get some of these IP addresses to make a ping test or traceroute about their server. I saw the server Chicago is the best for hosted websites. They have a total of 3 data centers, three already work now, and another one is coming in the future time.

Chicago, US

  • Test IP:

Montreal, CA

  • Test IP:

Amsterdam, NL

  • Test IP:

Data Center Highlights

  • SAS 70 Type 1 certified (audit report available on request)
  • Dual-city grid power feeds, plus battery backup with automated transfer switch and on-site diesel generator
  • FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system with early pre-fire detection mechanism
  • Automatic temperature and climate control system with humidity and temperature sensors located throughout the facility
  • Biometric and key card security system including man-traps and rack level locking mechanism
  • Staffed 24×7 by data center technicians and engineers and monitored remotely

Minimum Server Specifications

Technology is rapidly changing and we adapt to the changes as they happen. When you sign up with GreenGeeks, you can be sure to be provisioned on to servers with at least these specifications:

  • Latest Generation Energy efficient Intel Xeon processors
  • Minimum 128 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered Memory
  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to multiple Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage Arrays for maximum NYPE23ance & redundancy
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • No desktop hardware what so ever
  • Name brand server parts
  • Never oversold
Greengeeks business success

Who are GreenGeeks inspire for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Ebook Writers
  • Affiliate Maketers

A lot of people love GreenGeeks, they are saying so much on communities group about this web hosting company. They really want to host their sites on this web hosting provider for good supports, secure hosting to protect their business, cheap and reliable hosting, fast WordPress websites. Greengeeks is one of the best choices within one of the top best web hosting providers such as SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting. These three services mostly like by US people and also lots of other customers around the world. They don’t have a lot of discount programs like the other web hosting companies because they are focusing to give more value to customers more than just advertising or promotional without offers any true value.

If you need help, contact via phone here:

Phone: 1-877-326-7483
Local: 1-310-496-8946



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