June 1, 2023
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2023’s June Coupon WordPress Hosting for Affiliate Marketers, Discount Available

Have you ever thought that you would start your online business with only one in your hand? Do you believe you can do it? You must create a simple website to launch the first simple steps for your online business. And WordPress is the most accessible platform that can help us to do that! People love WordPress.

And another thing to launch a website is to make it live on the internet that is hosting. A Hosting & WordPress come together is a WordPress Hosting. And this post is built to guild you on how to grab a good WordPress hosting in June 2023 to launch your first website with some easy steps.

If there was a thing in your might told you, buy a cheap Managed WordPress Hosting. Sure! This is a big occasion for you to do your own business. Of course, this small WordPress hosting is fantastic because you just paid an affordable price for monthly or annual. And your website can get thousand of visitors in a month. Besides, Godaddy also gives you one more free COM domain for the first year. And here are all coupons for you:

***A WordPress Hosting for just a month, and it offers a Free domain name included

godaddy wordpress $2.99

Hit this button to reveal the coupon code inside, then paste it into a field called “promotional code” to make a discount when billing your WordPress hosting on Godaddy.com. This offers works for all new customers in the first 12 months.

In this tutorial, I will do a step-by-step guide to help you win the best-Managed WordPress Hosting on Godaddy.com. Firstly, you click the button to claim your coupon code to set up your WordPress hosting package. Without the code and my secret promotional link

After at Godaddy’s website, click the Configure button at the first price tag.

Then you will see the field search for a new domain name. You can find your free domain and add it to your cart. If you are not sure about what name you will be using, all you need to do right now is just go to google and type in these words “Domain Name suggestion tool or Domain Name Generator” and keep going on at this step.

And this is the place to type in the coupon code at Godaddy.com. So, if the coupon does not work, you type in another one, and everything will be OK.

If you already have an existing account before, remember don’t use it again here. Don’t do the crazy thing! Because Godaddy will change the price if they know you were an old customer who bought on their site. You must use another email address and click on the New Customer button. Of course, you can use your PayPal account or Visa card again. They don’t mention that.



50% Off hosting 

Typing all your information into all of the fields. It would be best to remember that the billing information in your PayPal account or Visa card (Bank) must match the billing information you were typing in the fields.





A FREE Domain + a month WordPress Hosting package



WordPress Hosting Discount available

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After finishing the payment process, you can go to your dashboard inside. Click on your username tab at the corner and then Manage Your Hosting.

Here is the control dashboard on Godaddy. Here, you can back up all your files and database and get FTP/SSH information to remote your host from the computer. Some tools to do this job: Filezilla FTP login, WinSCP tool, Dreamweaver CS5, CyberDuck, Publisher 2007, and NVU,… I highly recommend you use the WinSCP tool. This tool works very fast and safely all the time. I do not use the Filezilla tool, so I can not guide you here. WinSCP tool has two ways of accessing the host: FTP access port 21 and SFTP and SSH port 22. In this case, you must log in at port 22 SFTP login.

The other day, you were trying to change something in the function.php File, and oh! My god! The page now gets an error with the white page and some junky text. This is a lousy day than ever! What do I do now? OK! This is a straightforward problem. You do not need to contact Godaddy to get help. You can solve this problem on your own. Now, log in to Godaddy.com and get your SSH and SFTP information to log in with the WinSCP tool or another SFTP tool.
And here, you type in like in the image, and after login successful, you go to folder WP content>Themes>function. PHP. Open file function.php up and remove exactly the code you put in before, and click save. Ok! The problem will go away!


And here is the place to make the backup for your WordPress hosting website. Choose one of these options and click Restore.

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This is a screenshot of what your WordPress website looks like. Do you see on the top bar the text FLUSH CACHE? The flush cache will help you clear all the cache of your website. The function already exists by GoDaddy. You cannot deactivate it, but it will help your website speed. In some cases, you are designing a new theme, or you are changing CSS for your theme. You must flush the cache before your style design can appear on site.

You must click the right Godaddy tab to find a way to fix it if you get into trouble.

If you want to be in touch with a person, you can chat live with the tech support team.

Some of the best functions of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is limiting login access. In the Limit Login Attempts tab, you will see all the IPs that were tried to log in to your website. They want to hack your site or put some malware, malicious in. Take it easy; you don’t need to be scared because Godaddy has locked your IPs. Your website saves 24/7. If you want more security, you can install some plugins on WordPress like iThemes, WP spam shield, and VaultPress,…

OK! That’s all. What do you think right now? Make some comments below to let me know your idea. Thank you!

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