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It’s December 2022 –  The Professional feature offers you unlimited premium WordPress themes for your website, unlimited backups in Real-Time with the help of VaultPress backup, and security which is help can recover a certain file, folder or even entire website. It also offers high-speed images delivery for your site with Photon Pro feature. There are still more.

Let me go in brief

With more than 3 million active installations, Jetpack’s blooming to provide the services unexpected by any other provider.

It’s been past six months where I’ve taken the services from Jetpack for my WordPress account, and that’s the reason am writing to share the journey I had with their services;

People in a competitive and unruly world find it difficult on looking for the best services as all these website designers promise for the best services; nevertheless, none follow the promises made, keeping the customers strangled on half the road

I too was frustrated by the designer I’d taken earlier, which forced me to turn them down because of unworthy services that suffered losses, so what I did was; Chose the most popular Website provider, WordPress through which I came upon Jetpack Professional.

What makes it professional, why I say so, aren’t there any other professionals many questions may go through you because most of us know about WordPress and what most of them don’t know is Jetpack Professional

What’s a Jetpack professional?

Are you a registered WordPress member?


Do you own a site at WordPress?

If you are, then Jetpack is of great worth as a professional to you

A tool dedicated to WordPress sites, empowering them with extreme quality of professional qualities and so securing the site with security driven tools.

It doesn’t just give extreme security but keeps you free of any worries by giving a free hand to focus on just the

The Professional Designing features

jetpack premium themes

Themes- 200+ Themes available and easily compatible with your WordPress site.

Where can you get JetPack Premium when finishing the purchase for JetPack professional? Login to WordPress.com then select the website has purchased for JetPack professional > themes > premium

The place to grab premium themes will look like this: https://wordpress.com/themes/premium/www.yourwebsite.com

CDN- The professional provides the services to use unlimited High-quality Image and Video CDN

SEO- These tools are required for marketing, the most important part of any Website, and for which the Professional package gives you to have these automation tools in handy.

And if it occurs for you to face any problems regarding the design part of your website that may use the help of professional support.

VaultPress Real-Time Backups

Getting information available at your website a duplicate copy in a safe place is always good, and such an option is offered by the professional Plan, it isn’t just a backup but a real-time backup! Gets a Xerox as the backup of even little modifications done by you.

My story.

The last time, I have been made a big mistake on my website.

I deleted dozens of images, and I was frustrated to restore it because I don’t store any of them on my PC or laptop drive.

At the moment, I just remembered! I have VaultPress. Can it help me in this case? If there were any solutions to back up a few images that I’d deleted, it must be great!

And then, when I arrive at the VaultPress dashboard, and I can’t believe it had that feature. All my images just go back to the way it was.

That’s my story!

Malware Scanning

Many websites get infected with such Malware, but the Jetpack keeps scanning the site for any such evidence. Moreover, the Security options are too good for a Professional Business or Bloggers

You are protected from 2 sides JetPack and VaultPress security when you have been enabled JetPack professional plan.

Automated Fixes

Lost your information or wish to shift the information everything can be done with a single click, the backed information is restored after you finish the work or if it’s attacked by some malware the Blogger or website is brought back life!


Storage and Support Capabilities

Unlimited use of storage is featured in the professional plan, not worry about storing the information and the last thing to worry about is just the Business.

Support Systems

Facing issues regarding the website?

And at the same moment, your Support isn’t responding- what would you feel?

I had faced once regarding the design, and the support was really quick to respond to my call on Jetpack.

They’re available at any time you ask and fast so needn’t worry about the support.

Mailchimp Supported

Now JetPack Supports MailChimp Subscription Form. You need to upgrade to Jetpack Paid plans to use this feature.

GIF images support

Now you can insert any GIF images from the GIPHY Library to your WordPress website with just a click via JetPack. This feature included in all JetPack plans, it free to use.

AD Revenue

You can start an income by signing up for Adsense or the WordPress Ad services that give a pretty good earning to a website highly dedicated as a Blogger. The Blogger with high Knowledge can make pretty good use of these services.

You can earn money back from WordPress.com by the monetization feature. And this feature only available for JetPack Professional plan.

My Experience-

As a Jetpack Professional user for more than six months, I haven’t faced any problems such that I would complain about but take my words It’s been efficiently a great take for Bloggers who can comfortably showcase their talents in parallel to getting a good return as

Wish to get a Jetpack Professional on your WordPress site?

Website Link https://jetpack.com/pro/

You can quickly build a website
using Jetpack Professional on a go so that you needn’t waste time and
the energy on doing something which you don’t wish to!

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