October 5, 2022
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How to Recovery deleted WordPress images with VaultPress

October 2022. “Sometimes, I accidentally deleted important pictures on my website and suddenly realized that I had not saved them on my personal computer. How can I get it back? It is too important to me if I lose it, I’m sure! I’m going to die”.

That is something that anyone can encounter in the process of blogging. What do you think will happen if your web site is a high-margin business website, and then one day, you or the editor accidentally delete some important images which are not backup yet? Everything is not going anywhere!

VaultPress backup is a great way to save all the data on your website. You and your business on the website will never take any risk as it was before. With the real-time backup feature, all the images, javascript, style sheet or any other files will be stored on the VaultPress’s server. Which means you can restore a certain file, a whole folder or entire website as you want with just a click. All your backup saved at another server(on VaultPress’s server) and it’s completely not stored on your same server.

A few days ago, I’ve been made a big mistake when a dozen of images was deleted and can not recover. And there’s no image stored on my laptop. How can I get it back? And I’ve remembered that I have been signing up Jetpack professional plan which is included Vaultpress backup and recovery feature which real time backup full website.

Then I log into Vaultpress website and all my files still there. I just select which images I have deleted and click restore. And everything goes back to the way it was. My website has over 20000 images. What do you think what gonna happens if I don’t enable Vaultpress backup-recovery on my website?

VaultPress also has a feature that will scan your entire website in daily and it’s going to clean up many common threats for your website.


There are 3 types of Recovery:

  • Recovery a certain file. In some case you just delete one or two files, you don’t really need to recover entire website. Just log into VaultPress’s website and select exactly which file you had deleted to restore.

restore a certain image

  • Recovery a whole folder. You can recover any folder with files in there without losing anything.
  • Recovery entire website. This is necessary when you got a server 500 error or white page and you do not know how to set your website back to the line. That time restore entire website is necessary.

How can I get VaultPress?

When you purchasing any JetPack plan for your business, VaultPress feature is also included in its plan.

Check out JetPack plans and pricing

Note: Real-time backup only available for the professional plan, the other plans are the daily backup.

VaultPress daily backup

VaultPress Real time back up

How can I backup my website hosted on self-managed VPS hosting?

When you sticking around with self-managed VPS hosting which means you put your website in risky circumstance because many self VPS hosting providers do not offer backup and restore feature for the website. Even, it has the backup feature, it doesn’t offer to restore a certain file or folder features. That’s the reason why self-managed VPS hosting is not the best solution for websites with a lot of contents. Turn on VaultPress for your website now to keep your content always in order.


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