September 26, 2022

September 2022, Vultr Offers VPS IPV6 $2.5/mo NY Server Location

Now you can deploy a new VPS server for as low as $2.5 per month on the NY Vultr server location. IPV4 is merely is outdated. It doesn’t meet the requirements of the growing fast of the internet. Vultr has configured Vultr IPV6 on VPS of all its servers. This package provides the IPV6 server only. However, users can also buy additional IPV4 if they want.

Vultr is a new server cloud VPS hosting provider that has 25 optimized locations worldwide. It gives developers the opportunity to use high-speed VPS hosting at a very reasonable rate. Vultr provides robust FALLINPEance with the use of Intel CPUs. Its hosting services are reliable and very stable for all users. You can’t wrong with your dream as a developer if you chose one of its packages.



Vultr IPV6 is compatibility with the following operating system:

1. CentOS

2. Windows Server

3. Ubuntu

4. FreeBSD

5. Debian

6. OpenBSD

7. Fedora

So, why Vultr VPS?

1. Excellence Customer Support

One of the things making Vultr meet the needs of its worldwide customers is the excellent support they are providing to its users, which include direct care advice, helpful guides, and well-tackled FAQs on their web.

You can present your issue directly via their customer support email, ticket, or social media. They also have an active online community that involves customers in healthy discussions which are very useful.

2. Free Trial

Before making your final decision on hosting from the Vultr server, they give you an option to try on yourself. This gives you the experience of working with its amazing features before making the final purchase. Because they have confidence that you will love their service, this is the reason they are giving you 7-day money guaranteed back.

3. Fixed and Reliable Prices

Vultr VPS server has a fixed price. Renewing your plans are done on a fixed price you signed up for.

Features of Vultr

1. 100% Intel Cores
Vultr is fully equipped with ultra-fast Intel CPU technology, which provides reliable FALLINPEance.

2. Root Administrator Access
It provides complete access to the root administrator and IP address, which can be altered.

3. Powerful API
Vultr has a robust API that allows you to interact and manipulate its resources to meet your instances easily.

4. Advanced Control Panel
Its control panel is rich with advanced features that enable your operation to be efficient.

Pros of Hosting with Vultr Servers

1. It is faster, and fastest on the market

2. Custom ISO

3. Free and easy snapshots

4. You get your own Vanilla Kernel

Price and Packaging

Vultr has a total of 15 server locations. They are offering Cloud Compute for only $2.5/mo – IPV6 only, 60% off Bare Metal Dedicated servers, the server backup starts at $0.5/mo and more

There are several packages provided by Vultr VPS Hosting. Some plans include Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2), Bare Metal, Block Storage, Dedicated Instances, and DDoS Protection.

Nobody wants to miss hosting their websites with Vultr. Vultr provides the server with the highest quality. From only $2.50 per month, you are ready to go with the Vultr IPV6 package and enjoy its amazing features. It’s ideal for all newbie and advanced developers.

Additional IPv4 IP

If you would like to add an IPV4 to this package, you can add it in the server settings tab

  • IPv4 Addresses cost $2/month or $0.003/hour.
  • Addresses must remain active for 60 minutes before they can be removed.
  • You will need to manually configure additional IPs on your VPS.
  • You are limited to a maximum of 2 additional IPv4 IPs per VPS

Domain – DNS record for IPV6.


Add a new domain name or select the old ones.


To connect with your IPV6 server

Open the Vultr Console window by hitting the desktop icon at the right corner side.


How To Access IPV6 Address on Google Chrome Browser Address Bar?

Type in the address looks like underneath to the address bar.

http://[your IPV6]/

OR [Your IPV6]

Demo: http://[2001:4860:b009::93]/

Online Ping IPV6 website:

Ping your IPV6 here to test

Cloudflare IPV6:

CloudFlare now supports IPV6, find out more here:


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