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The traditional business market has evolved massively in the 2010’s. Especially in 2018, most of the companies have expanded to many online services and using digital applications to deal with the contracts, their collaborations and generally to monitor their establishments. Therefore, an application that seems indispensable for any respectable entrepreneur is the “KeepSolid Sign”.

“KeepSolid Sign” can assist on various levels from personal and educational to business and
enterprise related. This application offers a multiplicity of services regarding contract signing and controlling their agreements and communicating with their employers and clients. The process of finalizing and signing contracts is time-consuming and a much complicated one.

“KeepSolid Sign” helps you operate your company and keep track of all the different deals with your customers. So, you can concentrate all your legal paperwork in one application and at the same time manage your ongoing agreements through your own laptop or mobile phone. This means that you can access your business affairs anytime and from anywhere. You can create agreements, make the necessary changes, negotiate, sign them and send them over to your clients for the countersigning.It also offers multiple smart templates, so you can formulate and edit your agreements in the best possible way.

keepsolid sign
Signing a document with KeepSolid Sign

Deal: $19.99 KeepSolid Sign Lifetime subscription

  • Length of access: Lifetime

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  • Single User available
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Web

KeepSolid Sign Small Team Plan: Lifetime Subscription – 5 users

KeepSolid Sign Big Team Plan: Lifetime Subscription – 10 users

The KeepSolid Sign provider offers this deal on Stacksocial market.Stacksocial accepts PayPal and all types of credit card.

The most important aspects of this application are that everything is happening in real-time, so you are not missing out on the workflow. Due to its offline mode, you also have the option to work on your paperwork privately. The application provides all these features taking into consideration your need to know that your legal and business documents are secure and protected from any intruders or digital threats. Naturally, having the control over your company contributes to the avoidance of mistakes or misinterpretations and consequently keep your business relations healthy and transparent.

“KeepSolid provider” offers all the aforementioned possibilities at the price of 19.99 $ onStackSocial market.The most interesting and profitable aspect of this offer is that it gives you access KeepSolid for the rest of your professional career since it is a lifetime subscription. Regarding compatibility, the application can be used on devices operating with IOS, Android, Mac and Windows software environments. The life subscription is individual which means that it can be used with only one user. On the whole, KeepSolid: Life Subscription” arrives in the application market in 2018 to put an end to the endless paperwork, the chaotic organization of the previous decades and creates the right framework for successful businesses to develop securely and efficiently.

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