$25 NameCheap Credit with G-suite Business

namecheap credit g suite

 NameCheap currently offers a free $ 25 credit when purchasing the new G-suite package to connect to your domain. You can use this credit for other Namecheap products and cannot be withdrawn, can’t be used in Apps Marketplace( because some apps in Marketplace is third party app).

Buy G-suite Namecheap Get $25 Namecheap Credit To Your Account

G suite is a collection of apps: Gmail for business, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google forms, Google Slide, Google sites that help users and business experts can work online. You also can have a custom email address to connect to your domain name like yourname@yourdomain.com.

You can now save lots of money with the new offers available today. One credit Of $25 in your Namecheap credit account is enough for any new subscription.

namecheap credit g suite

Deal: $25 Namecheap credit with G-suite Business

  • One credit of $25 will be applied to any new subscription.
  • Limited to one credit per account.
  • The credit is added at the end of the promo unless the purchase is canceled within the promo period.
  • Credit applicable to other NameCheap products. It cannot be withdrawn and can’t be used in Apps Marketplace.
  • Promo valid while supply last.


Once you subscribe, you’ll enjoy the following awesome benefits:

1 Track, collaborate and update on all your projects and tasks

You can develop elaboration project plans and Gantlet charts in sheets to oversee your tasks, projects, other assignments, and deadlines. Any member anywhere in the world can update their findings directly in the Sheets to keep it updated.

2. Connect with your whole team with only one address

You only need to create a Groups email list, and you can share information with your team. You can communicate, share and send updates to every member of the team using only one email address.

3. Schedule and manage teams or projects

When you create shared calendars, you can keep everybody up-to-date. This is a useful tool for tracking milestones, reminders, and deadlines. Use it for training, meetings and vacation notifications. You can find out which member is available by layering different calendars to search for open time slots.

4. Share and store digital date safely

The Drive tool is potent for storing images, documents, and other files. This makes working in teams very secure and comfortable. Any changes made during the progress are made sync to the cloud, updating every member.

5. Search and manage important emails fast

If you are working on several projects that involve different teams, mark specific emails with a star to save them as essential or allow Priority Inbox to prioritize and sort them automatically for you. Set labels and filters to make it easier to find specific emails.

6. Create an effective presentation

You can enjoy the Slides presentation to share your views or project vision with charts and graphs. If you are working with spatially distributed teams, the built-in screen sharing options can very helpful to business.

7. Design a project website

The Sites project hub is essential for keeping everything in one place such as updates, documents or calendars. Any member of your team can now access valuable information anywhere and from any Smart device.

There are lots of other great tools with G suite mostly for creating collaborative documents or preparing teams for meetings or projects. Your business can benefit from all these for only $5/mo. This offer is valid for a limited time so hurry and subscribe your business today.

Administration Benefits

G suite gives your administrative or IT teams the following:

  • . Management of user accounts and all security tools from a central point
  • . Can control user accounts by accessing features and other services
  • . You can manage your account remotely.
  • . Track all the proceedings of your account and updates or reports
  • . You’ll receive support from G-Suite team 24/7

How to host

While there are many ways to pay for your hosting, Namecheap is now the best payment method for an account subscription. This is because Namecheap is having a significant discount on any single subscription. Save money and pay today for a G Suite account’s subscription. This is a limited offer so hurry.

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