$29.99 pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage 1-Yr Subscription

pcloud premium

The pCloud premium plus cloud storage helps the user manage files effectively from one device. It is a secure web storage for files such as documents, videos, music, photos and more. pCloud transfers data securely and faster making saving and sharing easy. It also offers an accessible venue to store valuables without consuming your device’s data.

Deal: $29.99 pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage:1-Yr Subscription

  • Length of access: 1-year

Features and Benefits of pCloud

● pCloud can be accessed on multiple devices such a smart phone, PC, Mac, and more.

● Faster upload and download links.

● pCloud has a built-in media player that allows you to stream audio and video to your device.

● pCloud offers 2TB of cloud storage and downloads link traffic.

● Allows you to sync data across multiple devices.

● pCloud uses a very secure 256-bit TLS/SSL connection.

● pCloud bootup auto uploads from your Android or IOS camera to get photos on the cloud fast.

● You can access unlimited size content built-in video player streaming that offers HD quality.

● You can back up your files from Facebook, Google drive, one drive, Dropbox, and Instagram.

● pCloud is easy to use with the filter all feature.

There is an auto-upload option, that allows the user to upload files automatically after being taken or installed into the device.

It allows you to search for a file through from website and mobile device.

pCloud also offers additional space and other offers to the user if you invite friends to make their account and if you like their social media such as the pCloud Facebook page.

2TB Of pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage For only $27


  • $2.99 discount/ $2.99 off

Details and requirements

● pCloud is based in Switzerland, updates are included and accessible,

● They have a 2 TB STORAGE SPACE, 2 TB traffic for the download link, Upload traffic is unlimited,

● The trash history is stored for 30 days,

● No file size limit

Compatible with:

The pCloud is compatible with the following devices;

● Windows

● Windows mobile 10

● Android

● Linux Mac OS X


● 1-year length of the pCloud access. pCloud can be accessed on multiple devices by one user.

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