$49.99 Picovico Web Pro Plan: Lifetime Subscription

Picovico lifetime subscription

Picovico a slideshow web application has released a lifetime subscription deal for all customers who would love or interesting on their product.  As the world grows, so does the technology as well as the changes in the way things are vieTheyd and used. The smart phone age is here and like other technologies that have existed; it has opened up new opportunities and in came the smart phone which has simplified tour searches, photography, editing and so much more. But this same technology has expanded and more and more people are interested in videos, sites such as YouTube have been developed, Facebook live has been created, Snap chat has been introduced all focusing on one simple thing enjoying your images on the go.

Picovico provider knows that they have put this growth into perspective. They understand that the user has simply moved from still photos, text, and music to turn them into polished, professional quality made slideshows and videos. The purpose is to enjoy yourself with your family in the comfort of your house or room.

Therefore, They have developed an app for you to just turn that memory into a video. They give you the independence to restructure the memories or projects for your professional, social and personal use.

At a price of just $49.99 which is equivalent to a few cup of coffees, you get a lifetime access.

From photographers, educators, realtors, production of videos for the purpose of giving yourself and others an in-view of your life and projects has just become easier.

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Deal: $49.99 Picovico Web Pro Plan lifetime Subscription

  • Length of access: lifetime 

The Picovico provider offers this deal on Stacksocial market. Stacksocial accepts Paypal and all types of credit card.

They have put this into consideration:

  • Ease to capture your memories into the beautiful video.
  • Constant engagement and increased brand awareness.
  • Creation of predetermined story templates, for quick and easy videos.
  • Production of beautiful cover photos for sites such as Facebook.

The app comes with some of the following details:

  • Maximum video quality:1080p
  • Max slides per video: 100
  • Max length per video clip: 60 seconds which is good for social media
  • Placement of custom logos on the videos
  • No watermarks in video
  • Custom logos
  • Max size per video clip: 200MB
  • Max size per photo: 25MB
  • Number of music per video: 5
  • Max size per music: 40MB

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