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September 2021, Security has always been an issue in the Internet age, especially now that algorithms are in place in almost all platforms, collecting data and observing our activities online. Now more than ever, a VPN (a virtual private network) is a necessary tool to ensure our security online.

Let’s put the security problem aside, what’s else, VPN can help you? Sometimes, you access the ABC streaming website and you cannot watch the video because you’ve been restricted. Or when you visit the Hulu, Netflix, CTV.ca, YouTube websites, they are both not allow to access the video contents. Because the place you are living is not available to view their content.


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What do we do now?
Sitting on the bed and crying out loud. Cross your legs over the chair with the sadly of feeling.
There is a solution that can make you happy all the time. All the television shows, video streaming content just right there smiling for you. VPN is all that you need, the one can save your life out of the swamp.

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So, what is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (also called a VPN) is a technology that essentially creates a private network within jungle called the Internet. It allows companies to securely access networks in a remote location without the risk of data being hijacked by unauthorized entities. For example, a traveling trainer can access important materials stored in the company headquarters’ database in the United States while he is in China. VPN also can help you access all kinds of public contents on the internet that was said before is not available for your region.

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But VPNs are not just for business. More and more individual users are seeing the advantages of browsing the Internet via a private network.

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Let’s take a look at these advantages of VPN:

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1. Enhanced Internet Security. Even if you have security software and firewalls in place, hackers will always have a way around it one way or another. A virtual private network adds another layer of security to your system, keeping your data encrypted and secured, even from the government’s
spying eyes!

2. Virtual anonymity. When you browse the Internet through a VPN, you are virtually nameless and faceless. Other technologies like proxies and IP masking have limitations but VPNs allow you access the entire web in total obscurity.

3. No more filters and blocked websites. Ever tried to watch a video on YouTube only to get the message that the video is not available for your country? Having a VPN takes down these filters and barriers so you can access literally everything there is on the web. A VPN is very useful in countries where certain websites and online applications are blocked.

4. IP address switching. If you need to use an IP address associated with another country, a virtual private network can provide that.

5. Remote sharing and control of files. As already mentioned in the example above, a VPN can allow you secure access to a data on a remote server. You can also control these data without hassle as long as you are connected to the VPN. This is especially useful for large companies that have offices all over the world.

6. Lower costs. Using a VPN lowers a company’s network expenditures which can otherwise be staggering if other multi-location networking options are employed. When a VPN is set up, local office can simply subscribe to a local ISP, log-in to the VPN and connect to the company’s network and the Internet.

7. Ease of use. A VPN plan such as a PureVPN subscription, once in place, you’ll be free to browse the Internet and do what needs to be done without worrying about spyware, malware and other malicious software getting into your system.

Again, VPNs are not just for companies. Individuals who spend most of their time on the Internet can largely benefit from a connecting through a virtual private network. A VPN can open a whole world of possibilities for its users. Video streaming through the most popular platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, and others is now virtually unrestricted. No more geo-location limitations. Wherever you are in the world, you can access whatever you want. You can even use Skype and Facebook Messenger in the United Arab Emirates!

There are countless ways anyone who uses the Internet can benefit from a VPN, from personal use to multi-national company networks. If you want the freedom afforded to the millions of users of
VPN in the world today, I recommend that you opt for a PureVPN subscription.

PureVPN is one of the leading and most-loved VPN providers in the world. It has helped countless users all over the world download content, browse the web, stream videos and do anything online without having to worry about third-party geo-tagging, ISP monitoring and most of all, hackers. PureVPN acts as your gateway to an unrestricted internet.

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