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October 6, 2022

Resource Page


Sometimes, you might do something like this in the google search:

+ What WordPress theme is that

+ Elastic search

+ Builtwith

+ What the plugin is that

+ What is the WordPress menu plugin

Wow. It’s time to share with all of the audiences of all the tools we use to build this blog.

We love all of you!

So we don’t want to hide from you all the techniques to build a professional site or blog.

We are all neighborhood. We’re living in a digital world. We help each other to grow far and far.

Here are all the tools:

1. What is the tool to build

First of all, The tool that we built this site is WordPress platform. It’s completely free for all the build a new blog, website or even an E-commerce online store.

There are 2 different types of WordPress to know. and is for anyone who doesn’t want getting troubles or the crazy stuff like coding things. It’s built for bloggers who don’t know anything about web hosting, domain, and the technique related to this. If anyone who looking for earning money by WordAds that powered by is simple, great enough to grow your followers.

It’s simple to start with a few minutes.

+ Free domain name and privacy information hidden

+ MailChimp email marketing is available

+ Blogging via smartphone application is available. You can publish your story anywhere you go.

+ Thousands of WordPress followers will follow all of all steps, listen to your story. is the web page that provides all the resources to build a WordPress site. Which means you must know some little things like hosting, domain and coding stuff to host your website on a specific web hosting provider that you choose.

There are a lot of risky when choosing the wrong web hosting provider to hang your website on it.

2. What is the web hosting provider we apply for

In the beginning, we use BlueHost shared hosting to build our blog. But we want to upgrade the blog to a higher level. So we migrate it from BlueHost shared hosting to Cloudways managed VPS hosting. With the help of Cloudways migration tool, the process working very well. After an hour, our blog is hosted on Cloudways.

We choose Cloudways because of the chat and support team always online. We can ask for a help any time. Free support without additional costs is the thing we always happy about Cloudways hosting.

+ Cloudways Elastic search available

To know all of Cloudways features visit this page:

3. What is the search tool using?

You can use one of these two tools.

Ajax search Pro WordPress plugin is selling on the market.

And the second tool is Angolia search platform.


4. What is the tool to build mega-menu for

Well. To have an excellent Mega menu, you need to choose a right plugin with an easy configuration. What is it?

Its Ubermenu a Mega menu WordPress plugin is selling on the market.

5. What is the template that skin for?

You see that we have all excellent related posts feature underneath every single post. And all of the features articles that are hanging on the right sidebar widget. There is also has a great newsletter sign up form to get new subscribers to the mailing list.

This theme supports MailChimp for email marketing.

Do you know what? The author of this template offers another great thing that makes us happy. They share all the skins they are designed and sold on the market which means when you buy one certain template you can select any skin on the rest of skins they are supported to apply for your site.

It time to say the name of this template. It’s Bimber magazine WordPress template. You can have it here.

6. JetPack WordPress plugin

JetPack is a WordPress plugin that help you connect your WP site with services like VaultPress Backup, WordPress mobile blogging and WordPress network.

JetPack has these features:

+Auto Generate sitemap for your sites

+ Create a nice related post underneath any single post.

+ Backup your website Daily with JetPack Basic and Premium, hourly backup with JetPack Business plan

+ Premium Themes (200+)

+ Elastic Search available when upgrading to the paid plan.

+ Automatically share your posts to social media networks

+ Block spamming by Akismet and scanning the security risk with VaultPress is using JetPack for business.


7. Cloaking affiliate links tool

We are using the simple cloaking affiliate links tool that made by Yoast SEO author. you can download it from GitHub or read the guides here:



The second tool we use for cloaking affiliate links are premium-URL-shortener:

+ This tool integrates Google Analytics to track any single click

+ This tool also tracks customers come from which countries.

+ It also built to help us target customers from Laptop PC to Android, IOS SmartPhone for every different affiliate links. That way you can get more sales and target to the right audiences.

+ It can help you to set the expiration status to the links. Sometimes, the product that we promote has an expiration time certainly and of course we don’t want to get in troubles after the promotion has over isn’t it? This tool can stop that accident for you.

8. Big Social Sharing Buttons at the top of single post

We are using MashShare WordPress plugin to the nice social sharing button.


9. Yoast SEO

We use Yoast SEO premium for our website. This tool will help you make your website handle all about SEO.

Find out more here:



10. Search And Replace

This WordPress plugin that helps us search coupon or any specific texts in WordPress database and replacing it with any word, keyword, texts.

Note: If you don’t know anything about database names, tables please don’t use this plugin or do a hard backup your WordPress database before using it.

+ Find out more here: