$39 Roadmap Planner for Mac Lifetime Subscription Professional

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KeepSolid has offered a Roadmap Planner for the lifetime subscription on professional plan and adding up to 5 users. If you would like to get 5-user for lifetime subscription it cost only $99 otherwise it costs $39-lifetime subscription for 1-user only. Instead of creating a roadmap on the chalkboard for one-time use only, you can make it on Roadmap Planner app then store it to your devices and show it to co-workers or your manager about what you’re planning to do or plan for the project your team is working on it.

The term “roadmap” itself is directly related to the strategic planning because it gives an extended look at the future of a chosen project. It is a reliable guidance on where to start, how to proceed, and by what means to achieve certain goals. If you need to organize your personal plans or ready to start to develop a strategy for your company, a well – built roadmap will easily help you identify every step towards your main goal.

Roadmap Planner is here to help you develop businesses, marketing, and product vision. This is a planning app that will keep you and your team on the right path, you can plan one year, 5 years or 10 years after. This will help you get you to your main goal.

Plan Ahead

roadmap planner

The Roadmap Planners help you plan for anything from a market segmentation launch to a business launch. This planning app helps you visualize not only your task but all the possibility of what might happen between them allowing you to systemized your goals and ideas. By doing this, you can further think your steps through, understand the whole picture of your action plan to get the results that you want. It is possible with this Roadmap Planner.

$39 1-user Lifetime subscription Professional Plan.

$99 5-user Lifetime subscription Professional Plan.

This offer has been expired

Track your progress

Constantly monitoring the quantity and quality of resources is important. You should be sure that nothing can deflect you from reaching your goal. That’s why the resource planning feature of the roadmap planner is available. It helps you make the complex task easier. It also allows you to accurately map out your plan, highlight the most important parts, and track your progress.


Roadmap Planner also has a milestone feature where you can mark the important stages of your projects within the timeline. This will allow the users to visualize, schedule and monitor the progress of the whole project. Using this feature, it breaks your projects into small steps. This will allow you to see the deadlines, evaluate your progress, and advance through all the phases up to its completion. This app also allows you to name your milestones and add important notes.

Drag & Drop method, the convenient way

drag and drop roadmap planner

Changing and updating documents usually takes up so much time, but with roadmap planner, you don’t. This app offers you the feature drag & drop technique, that will help you save a lot of time. With this feature, you can do many kinds of actions like change the priority of the projects, move the tasks within the timeline, set milestone and dependencies, update the date of your milestones and promote items from the backlog to a project. This feature allows you to be more productive and gives you convenience in using the app.


Details & Requirement

· Version 2.4

· Free support

· Languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish


· Mac OS X 10.10 or later

· IOS 8.0 or later


· All sales final

· Instant digital redemption

· Lifetime access

· Restriction: 5 users $39 or 1 user $39

Roadmap Planner is the best tool to showcase your vision to customers, team, or stakeholders. Customize your roadmap based on the audience, and present the live data in an appealing way. The app “Roadmap Planner: Lifetime Professional Plan (5 Users) “is available for your MAC and IOS devices.

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