Shared Hosting with Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate 2022


HawkHost Let’s Encrypt Today I have received some good news from HawkHost web hosting provider, they have released a new option for all users using their’s services. That’s Let’s Encrypt, Let’s encrypt is a new project sponsored by many big companies like Facebook, Vultr, Cisco, Mozilla, Sucuri, Chrome and lot of others to make internet connection safer and friendly for all users. This project 100% is Free, Open, automated for anyone who wants to deal with. Many web hosting provider now already for Let’s Encrypt supported like SiteGround, DreamHost, HawkHost, Vultr. This means all those web hosting providers have let’s Encrypt ready to use anytime with 1-click to install and do not need to touch any code or have no knowledge about SSL certificate setup. You can also engage Let’s Encrypt in VPS or Server by coding and this must deal with a lot of complicated codes. To know more about how to install read Let’s Encrypt users tips and guides
A note for you to know this SSL Certification only online in three months and after that you must renew by reinstall or recall letsencrypt (or letsencrypt-auto) command by hand for VPS



HawkHost is a young web hosting provider on the internet was founded in 2004. They’re so powerful on technology, tech support and they update their’s server frequency throughout the time. The web hosting services are cheap and reliable for all who guys have a small pocket want to reach up to the new technique on web hosting. In the old year, I saw HawkHost has supported Memcached for all web hosting plans and now upon to Free SSL certificate.
They also have 5 data centers some 3 Located in the USA, 1 in Amsterdam, 1 in Singapore and in one of those locations many users have selected the server located in Los Angeles and Singapore for stable and load time speed

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