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An SSL certificate proves to be a backbone of any online industry and the scale of adopting it is mounting day by day. As there are many SSL certificate providers who try to entice customers by offering diversified product at lowest price. We bring one of cheapest SSL providers aka CheapSSLShop.com that can fulfill your online security requirement within few minutes. You can enjoy relentless security over your website with the same SSL that you get from direct certificate authorities.


About Cheap SSL Shop:

Coming to Cheap SSL Shop, this SSL provider has been continuing its service in SSL industry with manifold SSL certificates and passes huge discount to current and novel customers. Cheap SSL Shop offers SSL certificates of different SSL brands such as Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte, and GlobalSign. Moreover, the company promises to its customers for before and after sales service. Customers will not only get original SSL product but also get 24/7 customer support with expert staff that is always ready to solve issue occurred during SSL purchase to configuration and installation process.

If we talk about SSL certificate types then the list is endless as there are different SSL certificates that are designed to serve online industry in a better sense. The portfolio will always help you to select the best of SSL certificate at affordable price. Below are some best-titled and famous types of SSL certificates in SSL industry:

Domain Validation SSL: Domain Validation SSL certificates are most popular across online organizations, individuals as they are quick in issuance and require no paperwork.

Organization Validation SSL: Organization validation SSL establishes the identity of your business and requires paperwork like submission of business registration, external source of verification. It takes up to 3 days in issuance and checks domain plus business ownership.

Extended Validation SSL: Extended Validation SSL certificates are issued to incorporate organizations and most popular in e-commerce, banking or financial industry. The certificate bears green bar with phishing protection that shows company name in address bar.

Wildcard SSL: This certificate is a boon for those SSL seekers who want to secure unlimited first level sub domains with a single wildcard SSL. You do not need to add subdomains in certificate as wildcard will automatically secure them.

Multi Domain SSL: Multi domain SSL is ideal option when you have multiple different domains/sub domains then you should go with this certificate. domain.com, domain1.com, sub.domain1.com can be easily secured with this beneficial certificate.

Multi Domain Wildcard SSL: When you want to secure multi-level sub domains under single SSL certificate then Multi domain wildcard is best choice. *.example.com, *.example.net, *.sub1.example.com or *.sub2.example.com can be covered under this certificate.

Features of SSL Certificates:

When you go with Cheap SSL Shop, you will not only have advantage of lowest price on SSL products but also get rich features with SSL certificates that make your purchase valuable.

30-days refund policy: Cheap SSL Shop offers 30 days refund policy that allows customers to return their product within 30 days from purchase date.

Unlimited Reissuance: If you lost private key, wants to install it on other servers, you need reissue of certificate. You will get unlimited free reissuance with Cheap SSL Shop.

Best-in class support: The Company offers best service support to present and potential customers with expert staff that can provide solution on technical issue as well purchase process.

Warranty: Almost SSL certificates that you purchase with Cheap SSL Shop come with warranty amount that assures for online security as well financial security in case of any misissuance.

Site Seal: From static site seal to dynamic site seal, you will get with the product that you choose. It assures customers that reputed certificate authority verifies the website. You can put site seal on any page of website where you can assure customers about website authenticity.

Modern Encryption: You will get modern encryption (SHA-256) and 2048-bit root encryption that secure online transactions to avoid any type of intrusion and avoids brute force attack or man-middle attack.

Time to Save Money: If you want quality SSL certificates at lowest rate then you should not miss Cheap SSL Shop that can make your customers smile and save their online credentials and payment information from spying and meddling. Get you shopping cart fill with choice of SSL and save up to 55% OFF on SSL Certificates at Cheap SSL Shop using Coupon Code.

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