September 26, 2022
stopad pro

$19.99 StopAd Pro Subscriptions for Mac and Window

Since the evolution of Internet growing, there has been an increased number of ads and marketing tools designed to catch your eye on the website. Sometimes we feel sick with these pop-ups ads and banner ads, because one, they are disturbing to what we intend to do online. Second, we are not sure about our privacy and security of the device we are using. The good news is that has lots of benefits to solve this issue.

stopad pro

StopAd pro stop all kind of ads on the web

What is StopAd?

StopAd is an application ad that works as a blocker toads. For instance, it stops banners, autoplay, video ads and all pop-ups in browsers.

Why do you need StopAd.? Unlike other ordinary ad blockers, StopAd is compatible with various devices ranging from Android TV to IOS. StopAd has proven the tremendous FALLINPEance of blocking advanced types of ads on Google search, Facebook, and YouTube. Other ad blockers can only FALLINPE well in preventing common types of advertisements like pop-ups and banners. Therefore, StopAd is the most effective ad blocker you can ever have. The following are general benefits of

Deal: $19.99 StopAd Pro subscriptions for Mac and Window

  • Length of access: 5-year
    offer expired
  • This deal will close soon.
  • Internet required
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later

The StopAd provider offers this deal on Stacksocial market. Stacksocial accepts PayPal and all types of credit card.

Benefits of StopAd Pro

These will describe all the benefits that you’re going to get with this application

    • Ad Protection

      • Block all kinds of ads: banners, pop-ups, preload, autoplay ads, and more Use in all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and more
      • Stop ads on Facebook, YouTube, games, and apps
    • Privacy Protection

      • Prevent ad trackers from accessing your browsing behavior and data
      • Stop malicious and phishing websites
      • Halt browser-based cryptocurrency mining
  • Web Protection

    • Prevent malware from infecting your computer
    • Prevent phishing websites from stealing your personal data

Ads protections StopAd is able to block all disturbing ads on your browser including banners, pop-ups, and auto-plays. It is the first ad-blocker available for TV Protects your privacy StopAd works by removing all hidden tracking scripts including cookies on your browser and social widget on YouTube. It protects your security by blocking ad trackers, stops malicious websites and blocks cryptocurrency mining scripts on websites

StopAd is Economical StopAd minimizes the amount of data you use while browsing and saves you money. It also speeds up your browsing hence saving your time. By blocking of tracker codes and JavaScript, StopAd increases the lifespan of your device.

Easy to use StopAd is easy to use since it’s readily available on Google Play. There is also flawless customer support and care for the customers

Multi-platform StopAd is available for various devices including Windows Computer, MacOs Computer, Android device, Ipad, Iphone, TV, and IOS. It works on all browsers.

Types of StopAd: Two main types of StopAd would help you block ads while browsing. These include the PRO version and a Free version. The free version is available to any users for free. A pro version has a monthly subscription fee which is manageable to customers. PRO version is worth buying.

Benefits of a StopAd PRO version

1. PRO version works in all major browsers and apps with only one installation.

2. It protects you from malware distribution

3. It blocks all common types of ads like pop-ups and banners

4. No ad exception ever.

5. It blocks cryptocurrency mining scripts on websites

6. It blocks ad tracker

7. It blocks advanced types of ads on YouTube and Facebook

8. Prevent auto-start video and audio ads

9. It protects you from malicious and phishing websites

Benefits of a StopAd FREE version

What makes StopAd free version different from StopAd PRO version is that it can FALLINPE standard functions except the following:

1. It can’t block cryptocurrency mining scripts on the website

2. It can’t protect your device from malware distribution

3. It can’t block ad tracker.

Cons of StopAd

1. StopAd PRO version might be expensive to some of the people.

2. It breaks VPN.

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