$29 a StreamJack TV SmartDNS Lifetime Subscription December 2022

streamjack tv lifetime

December 2022. StreamJack is an application that can give you endless possibilities to watch interesting, compelling video content from video sources that it does not support for your country. Now you can watch all of them right on your smart TV without any hindrance. Not only that, you can see them on all the devices you have. With StreamJack lifetime subscription, you can access and use up to 5 devices.

Stream Jack DNS service enables devices to connect to the internet without the restriction of the geographical locations, at the same time keeping your IP and the device safe. The protocol through which the devices are connected to the internet network is called as the DNS.  StreamJack TV accompanies a custom DNS which is significantly speedier than VPNs.streamjack tv lifetimeUtilizing the DNS benefit accompanies various advantages highlighted underneath.

By subscribing the life time plan, the user can get the following benefits:

Unblock streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Amazon Prime, etc..)

· Protects the IP from any threat

· Allows to bypass the censorship and view the unrestricted content

· The main server will not be able to track the IP and its activities

· IP address is kept anonymous all the time

· No need to reactive the license

$29 StreamJack TV SmartDNS  Lifetime Subscription

You can easily install it by yourself with documentation from the main website of the provider or you can read more how to install StreamJack TV on some devices here. StreamJack TV Installation guides

You use Install StreamJack TV on so many devices highlighted underneath

Apple TV



PC Computers, laptop

Mac devices

iPhone, iPad

Android devices



Window 10, 8, 7, XP


Bypass web control One of the best preferences that accompany utilizing StreamJack TV is finished control. This enables you to peruse in entire namelessness. Surfing using common web channels opens you up to a universe of frailties. Your information can be caught and examined or seen. Utilizing a decent VPN guarantees that your information exchange, regardless of the sort, stays escaped every other person. The same applies to the DNS benefit. You will have the capacity to utilize spilling destinations without being blocked.


Faster than VPNs One of the approaches to watch gushing destinations is by utilizing a reliable VPN. The better VPN suppliers offer a mix of good speeds and security. StreamJack TV uses DNS which is significantly quicker than VPNs. The servers must be sufficiently steady to permit gushing without unsavory separations even once.


How many devices of streamjack lifetime package


No logs of activities The best aspect concerning StreamJack TV is that it doesn’t have logs. This implies your exercises won’t be observed in any capacity. VPNs without logs takes into consideration finish secrecy. Those with logs will regularly hand over the sign on points of interest to the administration when made a request to do as such.


Use hand-picked committed servers You can use any StreamJack server to access restricted streaming content in your country without any hindrance. With over 13 server locations in many countries and over 500 IPs with different addresses, you will never be affected by watching the same video as before.

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