September 28, 2022

A Surprising Tool To Help You Unblock Geo Blocking: TunnelBear VPN

What is TunnelBear VPN? TunnelBear VPN is a Public Virtual Private Network service that is used to bypass geo-restrictions. TunnelBear Company originates from Canada and it has spread its servers in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

tunnelbear-subway vpn

How do TunnelBear works? TunnelBear secures your Internet connection through an encrypted tunnel. It protects your privacy by disguising your Internet Protocol (IP) address and bypass Internet censorship. Some of the feature that makes TunnelBear efficient are:

1. VigilantBear VigilantBear acts as a “Kill Switch”. This means that your data is prevented from leaking out of the tunnel in case the VPN connection goes down. This protects web traffic through encryption and prevents it from leaking ISP (Internet Service Provider) hence protecting your privacy. This feature makes the TunnelBear most reliable and safest tool to use.

2. GhostBear This is another cool feature of TunnelBear that hides OpenVPN thereby helping the user get around firewalls. This makes it less detectable by the governments, Businesses, and ISP.

3. Restrict Peer-to-peer (P2P) Since it’s based in Canada, it enforces its user observe the local laws. In regards to this, it, therefore, prevents P2P Torrenting.

4. Block online Trackers TunnelBear works by protecting you from all hidden tracking scripts like cookies and the social widget that are used by advertisers to track what you are doing online.


Is TunnelBear safe to use?

Unlike other VPN server provider, TunnelBear VPN isn’t the kind of VPN service that would like to get its name dirty in a networked world. Therefore, the reason why TunnelBear VPN is regarded as a first-hand safe tool to use is that of the following features:

1. TunnelBear has a Zero-log policy This means that TunnelBear does not store data like IP address and DNS Queries on the user’s online activities. As a result, it ensures that your privacy is always maintained. What makes it even more different from other VPN servers is its ability to hide user’s advertisements regardless of the package they’re using. It also ensures your safety by not providing or selling your data to any third-party entities.

2. Extremely Secure TunnelBear uses strong encryption protocols such as IPSec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN to provide strong data authentication to ensure that you’re not connected to malicious content. TunnelBear features like VigilantBear protects user while connecting and disconnecting. For instance, where data can go out over unsecured connection due to a low Internet connection, VigilantBear will prevent this from happening. This ensures your privacy is protected.




This bear like fish so much. He decided to build for himself a secret private tunnel that can help him travel across all the sea to catch fish for him to storage. He succeeded with his plan.  Now he can enjoy the fishes at any sea he wants.

How does TunnelBear Works?

TunnelBear is the simplest VPN tool to use. Assuming that you’ve never installed TunnelBear, we’ll provide a compressive mini-guide for using it, from just from downloading. This simple guide is based on three platform device – PC, iPhone, and Android.

How TunneBear works on PC

1. On the upper corner of the TunnelBear homepage is a “sign in” button

2. Click the button and feed in your email and your password. This process will redirect you to their download page.

3. Then, chose PC device as your platform and download the setup wizard

4. Finally, install the setup wizard. You’ll be provided set of instructions and asked to confirm your email your link to verify your account.

5. After you’ve verified your account, you are ready to go. Open the TunnelBear and log in.

On opening TunnelBear windows, it connects you randomly to their servers. You can modify the tunnel’ by selecting where you want. The drop-down menu on the top left corner leads to setting showing tabs illustrated below:

General – This is where you choose whether you’d wish to get notifications or not. Security – This is where VigilantBear and GhostBear features are located. Account – Here, users can manage their account. You can also use this tab to request for assistance from the TunnelBear support team, Trusted Network – This is where users can define their trusted network. Users can also choose to automatically activate TunnelBear when an unknown network is connected.

Using TunnelBear on your iPhone and Android Device

1. iPhone Now, we’ll choose iPhone on the platform prompt. You’ll be redirected to iTune where you will install directly to your desktop app. Or you can use your phone by clicking ‘App Store’. Click Yes’ then Agree’ and finally Install now’

2. Android Installing and using TunnelBear on android platform involves the same process as the one used on iPhone, except you’ll have to use Google Store.

TunnelBear plans and pricing

The company provides three different pricing plans. For instance, Little TunnelBear provides unpaid users up to free 500 MB data on a monthly basis. In addition, if users choose to use Giant TunnelBear, they pay a monthly contract fee of $9.99 or sign up for yearly payments of $59.88 for Grizzly TunnelBear, which breaks down to $4.99 a month. Giant and Grizzly TunneBear comes with unlimited bandwidth and the ability to connect 5 different devices to

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