September 26, 2022
Godaddy Trust SSL certificate

September 2022, Godaddy SSL Certificate EV, OV, DV Promo Code


Godaddy SSL business promo coupon

September 2022. You have a website, and it’s carrying sensitive information, for example, direct credit card payment details, user-name, and passwords? Then, you need to integrate your web with top security tools to secure a connection between you and your client.

Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL) is an HTTPS protocol tool that defines the structure of data being transferred between the server and the client, and it features an encrypted connection to ensure the protection of sensitive data. This protocol is the backbone of security, and it’s very fundamental to any business person today.

SSL Certificate Promotion & How to Get It

If you are an online business person, say a blogger, freelancer, or an e-commerce business person, GoDaddy gives you a chance to apply for GoDaddy SSL Certificate through their website. All you need to do is to use promo code CJCCOUD599 to change the cost from $59.99 to $5.99. Don’t miss a chance to benefit from this deal as it is only available for the first year of subscription.

This deal is meant to support your site and ensure that your online transactions are secure.

What Will You Benefit From This Offer?

It’s vital for any website to have an SSL certificate. This will avoid your site from being underrated by Google. Have you seen “not secure” website status on the address bar whenever you try to open a website that is not secured by SSL Certificate? That’s what will be shown to your clients if you do not defend your website using SSL Certificate protocols. This, in turn, will scare your clients from visiting your site and doing any business transaction. It will affect your website negatively and even let your business down. However, this is not a threat. The primary reason you need GoDaddy SSL Certificate installed on your site is that you will benefit from the following:

1. Get a Trusted SSL Certificate. When it comes to any business, trust is essential to build confidence in your customers. GoDaddy is one of the most trusted SSL providers in the market that you should think of. They issue certificates that are trusted by all browsers.

2. Secure Your Data. SSL Certificate enhances your data security between you and your clients (browsers) through the SSL Handshake process. This process is transparent to the end-users and is responsible for the encrypted connection to ensure that the information being transacted is only readable to the party it is intended for.

3. Enhance Your Google Rankings.  When you secure your site by SSL Certificate, Google will back up your website by ranking your top. As a result, your SEO will improve which will boom your business.

4. Build Customer Trust.  As an online business person, your customers’ information security is more important. SSL Certificate ensures that you keep your customers’ information safe, which in turn builds trust and confidence in people who are visiting your website. This will help you to maintain the integrity and reputation of your business.

5. Improve Online Transaction Rates SSL Certificate is a must requirement for any site, especially an e-commerce website, which is carrying online transactions/payments. You must install this protocol on your site to ensure secure credit card transactions. With the GoDaddy SSL Certificate protocol, you can transact up to 1 million USD safely.

6. Cyber-crime Protections. With increased cyber-crime activities, it is easy for someone to capture your data while being moved to and fro your customers. GoDaddy SSL Certificate makes your website have a strong and powerful network transaction that keeps away these black-eye-masked people from accessing your information.

So Why SSL Certificate?  SSL Certificate is a vital tool for every website. Avoid Google to flag your website, which in turn will create a negative response to your customers, by having GoDaddy SSL Certificate protocols installed on your site. Ensure that a security seal is displayed on your site, not only to build trust with your customers but also to ensure that the information being transacted is kept away from theft. Apply for your SSL Certificate through the GoDaddy website using promo code: CJCCOUD599 and secure your site.

50% OFF GoDaddy Coupon Premium SSL EV – Green Bar
40% OFF GoDaddy Coupon Standard Wildcard SSL  for all both www, non-www and all sub-domains
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32% OFF GoDaddy Coupon GoDaddy Standard Wildcard SSL  for all both www, non-www and all sub-domains
40% OFF GoDaddy Coupon Standard Wildcard SSL  for all both www, non-www and all sub-domains
$5.99 GoDaddy Coupon standard SSL Certificate for the 1st year.
$9.99 GoDaddy Coupon standard SSL Certificate for the 1st year.
$9.99 GoDaddy Coupon standard SSL Certificate for the 1st year.
51% off GoDaddy Coupon SSL Certificate for new purchases.
$5.99 GoDaddy Coupon standard SSL Certificate for the 1st year.

Note: Sometimes, the coupon codes turn $59.99 to $5.99 might not work. In that case, please use others coupon codes.

Please read the full SSL certificate coupon here to get all full coupon, promo codes: 40% off GoDaddy SSL Certificate Coupon

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