October 6, 2022

To be Be Honest, Are you willing to Pay for an Expensive Hosting With Professional supports?

In today’s business world everything and everyone has some sort of online presence. Customers who are looking to buy products or services start by looking online. How your business projects itself online is quickly becoming a key factor in the success of your venture. This begs the question, is a professional website really that important? Would you be willing to pay a premium for professional hosting and the support that comes with it?

There are a few companies out there that provide DIY website design, this is the cheaper and easier option for most people. However, while these websites can be very functional, they are not necessarily the correct option for every business. Sometimes it can be worth your while to work with an experienced professional hosting company capable of delivering the support and results that you need to grow your business to the next level.

I have been using cloudways.com for more than two years, and I am very satisfied with their services! Although it costs more than the other options out there, it is much easier for me to let the professionals worry about the technical aspects of web hosting. This allows me to focus on what is truly important for me, growing and marketing my business as effectively as possible.

Cloudways offer quite a few services that make it worth your while to look at using them for your web hosting needs. Being a managed cloud hosting platform, everything happens in the cloud and is stored in the cloud. This means that there is always a backup of your valuable data somewhere and the risk of downtime is also significantly reduced. They also offer expert support which is always available to assist you swiftly with any issues you may experience. This is a real advantage since most of us are not web hosting experts and need some help now and then.


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Cloudways uses dedicated servers to host your website, this means that there is less traffic at any given time. Less traffic means faster web pages which are also essential in today’s competitive online world. Customers simply won’t wait for a slow website to load but rather just move on to the next site which loads faster. This means that although you may save a bit by using DIY hosting sites, you may lose customers and revenue in the end. Cloudways also offers extensive security on their platforms, this not only protects your data but also the users of your website. Many people are very security conscious when browsing online and knowing that your site is safe and secure reassures customers. This is particularly important if you are using services such as e-commerce on your website. Updated applications are available to all users on this platform, allowing you to make use of the latest software and technologies out there.

Paying for professional hosting services may sound like it is an unnecessary expense, especially for a new business but it may be well worth it to invest that extra bit of money in making your web presence top-notch! Companies such as Cloudways have structured their pricing in such a way that you can opt-in for many of the advanced features on the platform. In other words, you can choose what you want, this means that you can get the professional hosting that you need at an affordable price. Subscription plans are available to suit every level of need imaginable. If you are unsure of the exact plan that you need, you can always reach out to support who can point you in the right direction, free of charge!



Cloudways has launched a new startup program for Startup business, check out Cloudways startup program here

In conclusion, although there are some great DIY sites out there that can be used for hosting, it is not the right fit for every customer. Each business is unique and has unique needs. You should evaluate the cost of professional hosting services against the potential earnings that could be generated from web traffic. Professional hosting companies also assist with things like search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that your website is indexed by search engines and can be found easily. These costs are not always accounted for on DIY options.

Would you be prepared to pay for expensive hosting with professional support?

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