Tops Best Discount Hosting for Amazon affiliate marketers only 2022

discount hosting for amazon affiliate maketers

December 2022 I know all you guys want to start your first business with Amazon affiliate marketing but you are still curious about which web hosting services would be best could handle a lot of visitors, affordable, optimize for load time speed, faster server response time, more and more.

I have some of my close friend currently doing an Amazon affiliate or other affiliate programs. So, I just stay focus on what people like or what trusted to put your money on. it

I’m here to help you guys as a consultant take you through a lot of curious questions to pick up exactly what web hosting services should be best for you to launch your affiliate websites.

I have two Providers mostly voted by a lot of customers and also Amazon affiliate marketers. And two of these web hosting services come with the cheap prices, recurring discount lifetime, a lot of kind of billing plans to select and a lot of data-centers to target your websites.


StableHost is the first one I recommend you to start your affiliate sites because their hosting very stable and rock. The up-time works over 99%, trusted by customers, promoted by a lot of famous blogs and bloggers. They said a lot about their services.
stablet host1.Cheap Prices and Plans

$1.75/month lifetime if it had applied coupon code

StableHost coupon

$3.25/month lifetime if it had applied coupon code

StableHost coupon

Varnish cache available Varnish cache available
1 click to install the WordPress/td> 1 click to install the WordPress/td>
Unlimited DiskSpace Storages Unlimited DiskSpace Storages
1 domain Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwith
Free Online Site builder Free Online Site builder
Can handle 250,000 visitors per month Can handle 250,000 visitors per month
See Sale Page See Sale Page
2. Server System High Resources
All Stable Host shared Hosting plans already have these resources and anytime you can order more resources as you want. Here are all the system Resources features:

  • 1 GB RAM memory
  • 1 Full CPU Core
  • 1 Free cPanel with a click to install apps
  • Operation system: CentOS
  • Could handle 250,000 visitors per month
  • ***Varnish caching and Litespeed PHP Caching for website load faster and faster
  • Apache 2.4.x
  • MariaDB
  • IO: 3Mbit
  • Max PHP Processes: 15
  • Total Processes: 30
  • MySQL Connections: 15

3. Multiple Data Centers Locations
For Now, Stable Host has 3 data centers located in Phoenix(Arizona) The United Staes, Chicago(Illinois) The United States and Amsterdam(Netherland) Europe.

So, which servers do you guys think it rock? I would choose the server located in ***Phoenix Arizona. It’s not only my hobby, but a lot of other users also pick up this server because the best StableHost’s hosting resources stay focused here.

If you really curious about this server, you can check it out on your own StableHost Network

4. Stable Host Discount & Coupon Codes
To get a the highest discount when placing an order at StableHost you can read the post – ***50% Off StableHost Recurring Lifetime Discount – This discount terms works for whole life, you just pay a half price every year or even renewal your hosting.


HawkHost web Hosting is the second one come with the low price, stable and rock I want to recommend you guys starting with it. They also have multiple data centers spread out around the globe(Singapore hosting available). They also support Memcached, free SSL certificate, and much more.
hawk host-coupons-pro
I will show up here all the features from HawkHost and tell you why people like to do the affiliate sites with HawkHost.

1. Hosting High Resources

  • ***Memcached Supported
  • Free SSL certificate for all users
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Support for PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0
  • Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • SSH access available and cron jobs
  • Manage your Sites, Files, and Databases

2. Cheap Prices and Plans

Primary Professional
$2.99/month40% OFF Hawkhost coupon $7.99/month40% OFF Hawkhost coupon
Free Memcached Server supported Free Memcached Server supported
Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
Unlimited Websites Hosted Unlimited Websites Hosted
Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases
10GB disk space storage Unlimited Disk Space storage
Unlimited Email accounts Unlimited Email accounts
Unlimited Parked domain or addon domains Unlimited Parked domain or addon domains
See Sale Page See Sale Page

3. Multiple Data Centers Locations
HawkHost have a larger data centers than StableHost, they have total 5 data-centers in Dallas(US), Los Angeles(US), Washington DC(US), Amsterdam(Europe), Singapore.

And on this list, I would like to pick up the server located in Los Angeles to build my affiliate sites. Because The Los Angeles server has focused all the best resources with High Ram, low latency, server fast responsive.

I also do a test by a CDN network and the results show me the HawkHost’s Los Angeles server for fastest responsive. You can do it on your own buy this information HawkHost network

4. HawkHost Discount & Coupon Codes
For now, Hawkhost has a discount program 40% off all shared hosting plans with one time discount and 30% off recurring lifetime discount. You can get that discount when placing an order by HawkHost Coupon code.

WordPress Hosting For the newbie

If you do not know anything about shared hosting and parked domains, add-on domains. Okay! Just easy. You can build your affiliate site by a WordPress Hosting. The setup processing for WordPress Hosting more simpler than shared hosting.
Very hard to try at the beginning of time if you do not know what the shared hosting it is and how to build a website with shared hosting in the fastest way.

Here is the place you can launch the Amazon affiliate site to start your business and just a click you have the website absolutely like you want it is. /mo WordPress Hosting for first 12 months. And here is the full guidelines for entire buying process or even install WordPress sites.

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