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December 2022 – Live video streaming is now available on Vimeo and you can make a live stream event any time with Vimeo live stream features. The video lives streaming platform which helps you bypass all the hidden fees, complex pricing models and the need to juggle between multiple platforms. You can get superior quality video management and efficient storage plans which encompass everything and are pretty easy to understand. By signing up with Vimeo Live streaming, you get the following features automatically.

Live stream features

· High-quality video streaming and embeddable player which give full HD 1080 streaming across any device so that the users are not platform bound and can stream videos effortlessly anywhere and anytime.

Check out Vimeo Live Plans and Pring

· You can share privately with the multiple privacy options, get any RMTP encoder and get speedy and reliable streaming all throughout.

· You can better engage with your viewers by having a live chat with your viewers during your live event, use the email capture feature to make your viewers into your fans and get the details of your target group using advanced analytics in the post-event video analysis.

· You can monetize your event by quickly editing and saving the videos in high quality and selling them to interested parties after your event is over

The custom call-to-action feature helps you engage your audience, make more viewer and turn viewers into customers with email capture.

How to start with Vimeo live streaming and the related plans

You can simply create an account on Vimeo by signing up with your email id and then start by uploading your videos. You can either upload directly from the device or even use cloud services like Dropbox to upload your videos directly from your phone to the Vimeo app. After you have uploaded, you can add keywords, change URL, add the title, add relevant pictures, create a channel or group and edit the settings. Vimeo automatically changes your video to 720p for smoother playback and if you do not want it changed from the original format, you might have to take a Plus membership plan.

Vimeo Live Plans and Pricing

Now the membership plans are simple and easy to understand with no extra fees of any kind. All your benefits are listed along with the overall pricing and how much service you can expect by opting for a particular plan, all of which are billed annually.

· The Pro Live plan gives you up to 3TB of archiving storage, RTMP live video streaming and you get cloud transcoding, audience chat, event scheduling, professional privacy, audience chat features. It also includes everything in Vimeo Pro.

· The Business Live plan gives you up to 5TB of archiving storage, including all features of Pro Live plan and live support, onboarding specialist, simultaneous events features. The Business Live plan has also included everything in Vimeo Business membership.

· The Custom Live plan is charged at $800+ per month and there is no weekly limit while you can store with custom storage. You get priority conversion features, professional statistics and professional privacy features which are not provided to lower plan users. Besides getting all the Business live features, you also get VIP support from the Vimeo team and also have a dedicated account manager.

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