Why You Need to Upgrade Your Vimeo From Free Plan

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Today, Vimeo has the largest market share regarding the number of viewers per month as compared to others including YouTube. Personally, I have a great love for Vimeo. Simply because Vimeo is an excellent video hosting platform that has inspired many people across the globe. Every day I take a couple of minutes to check out for videos on Vimeo because it inspires me a lot. As a result, I want to share this great experience.

December 2022

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Why You Only Need Vimeo

Why should you consider having Vimeo over the other video hosting platforms? Unlike its competitors, Vimeo has shown powerful and advanced features which are flexible and easily customized. The following are features which make Vimeo an online video hosting giant.

1. Replacing Video Without Losing Its URL

This is one of the features that makes Vimeo the best of its kind. Vimeo allows you to replace any of your existing videos without losing its URL. As a result, all the comments and likes are retained.

2. Password Protection

Vimeo allows you to protect your videos with a reliable and secure password. This will enable only those people with a password to access your videos. Compared to other platforms, they lack this feature. They only allow you to post your videos in public or private (only you can view).

3. No Ads

Entertainment means a total enjoyment without distractions. With Vimeo, be sure not to experience those annoying banners and 30 seconds commercials before your video commences like we have been experiencing on other online video hosting platforms.

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Vimeo From Free Plan

Upgrading your Vimeo to Vimeo Plus, Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business have a lot of advantages. This allows you to experience more amazing features besides the basic video conversation and password protection. With this upgraded plans, you are accessible to a large amount of weekly storage, or even unlimited storage space (in case of Vimeo Business Plan), professional privacy, domain-level privacy, private link sharing, unlisted review pages and many more.

1. Domain-level Privacy

Upgraded Vimeo plan allows you to set the domains that are allowed to embed your per uploaded video. This means, with Vimeo upgraded plans, usually the Vimeo Business one, you can hide your videos and only let them be visible on your site.

2. Unlimited Storage Space

Unlike its free plan which only offers 500 MB a week, Vimeo upgraded plan provides a great amount of space per week. For instance, Vimeo Plus gives you 5GB storage space per week. Vimeo Pro comes with 25GB on a weekly basis while Vimeo Business will provide you with an unlimited amount of space up to a total of 5TB throughout its operations.

3. Powerful Analysis

All Vimeo plans allow you to get advanced analytics including Google Analytics integration and engagement and duration graphs.

4. Private Link Sharing

Vimeo Business Plan allows you to send a private review page link to anyone securely.

5. Web Player Branding

All the upgraded plan will also enable you to change Vimeo’s HTML5 web player appearance by inserting your branding. This is unlikely with other video hosting sites which do not have any changing effects whenever embedded.

6. Pay-Per-View

Upgraded Vimeo plans let you make money from your work without involving even a single ad. You can create a “Vimeo On Demand” page which allows viewers to pay to watch the video.

7. Find and Hire Video Professions

Vimeo Business lets you find and hire the experts who will be working on your videos before uploading. This will solve the headaches in video editing and ensure quality uploads and also saves you time.

8. Great Support

Unlike Vimeo free plan, Vimeo Plus comes with a priority support, where it offers staff email responses within 4 hours during business hours.

With Vimeo Pro, you are guaranteed professional support. Vimeo Pro provides you with 24 hours of email responses within 2 hours of business working days.

Vimeo Business comes with VIP support. You are guaranteed with 24 hours 7 days week support with email response within 1 hour in business days.

How To Upgrade Your Vimeo to Plus, Pro or Business Plans

Generally, Vimeo is a nice video platform. However, with its free features, you are only limited to fewer advantages, missing out fantastic features as we have seen above. Now, upgrading to any of these plans has been made easier and less costly. 

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