2022’s December, $3.5/mo Vultr VPS hosting NY location IPV4, IPV6

vultr-new-plans vps coupon

Now you can deploy a new Vultr VPS hosting with IPV4 or IPV6 for only $3.5/month($0.005/hour) NY location available.

This package offers 500GB Bandwidth, 512MB Ram memory, 1 CPU core.

One special thing is you can use IPV4 instead only IPV6 like on the other package – $2.5/month

You can deploy any VPS server in 25 locations with a simple click.

  • $3.5/month-or $0.005/hour
  • 512MB RAM – Memory
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • 20GB SSD storage
  • As low as a $0.7/mo Auto-backup
  • 64 Bit operating system: CentOS 7 x64, CoreOS Stable x64, Debian Select Version, Fedora Select Version, FreeBSD Select Version, OpenBSD 6.3 x64, Ubuntu Select Version, Windows Select Version
  • 32 Bit operating system: CentOS 6 i386, Debian 8 i386, Ubuntu Select Version

Deploy your new VPS server now. It just $3.5/month($0.005/hour)

hit the button to find out

Hit the button to jump to Vultr website

NY location available for this pakages

Hit on a big PLUS symbol at the right corner of the screen to get started

vultr vps $3.5/month deploy now

Choose the server that near to your customers, or any locations that you would like to put your apps, websites in.

choose server location

Server location is a place where the VPS servers are located.

Select operating system

Now select the operating system to deploy a new VPS. If you just want to install WordPress or other applications, please Hit on Application like in the red arrow.

Note: The one-click to install applications just work properly with a higher VPS resource. So you can not select the package $2.5 or $3.5 to install the application. 

VPS plans and pricing

Now select your VPS server size to deploy

Enable VPS backup and enter start script

Enable VPS backup and startup script. The startup script don’t necescery, you can pass it.

Enter hostname and label

Now enter custom hostname, label and hit on the Deploy button

Deploy your VPS Now – start at $3.5/month or $0.005/hour

Hit on the button to find out more

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