October 6, 2022
vimeo livestream

2022’s October, Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Vimeo Live!

Looking for a way to win more customer attention and boost your business, you don’t have to sit down expecting a spontaneous marketing success. You need to stick your head out and discover what is going on out there. In addition, you have to stay ahead of the trend by quickly discovering a new opportunity, swiftly avail of the opportunity and gain a greater ground before others do. Such a new trend in marketing is live-streaming.

What is Live Streaming?

Live-streaming is the broadcasting of videos over the internet in real-time; the videos are recorded and broadcasted simultaneously. Live-streaming is increasingly becoming popular due to the availability of internet-enabled mobiles and real-time video-coverage devices such as IOS, Android, Roku, and the Apple TV as well as an increasing number of apps and web platforms with live-streaming capabilities.

Making Livestreaming with Vimeo

What Are the Best Live-Streaming Services Out There?

Live streaming is now a great tool for marketing and product branding; however, the tool can mar your business if you misappropriate it. There are lots of competitors out there, who can adulterate your self-acclaimed video by picking holes in it and use it to bring you down. In addition, if you intend to use live streaming in marketing your products, high-quality videos and a fast-streaming platform are the prerequisites. This is why you need to go for the outstanding live streaming service of Vimeo Live.

vimeo livestream

What Is Vimeo Live and How Does It Work?

Vimeo is a video-sharing website with remarkable live-streaming services called Vimeo Live. The company recently purchased a live-streaming video service provider called Livestream. Vimeo has greatly advanced Vimeo Live to a greater level by featuring improved live streaming services for their customers, which include high-quality video coverage; rapid internet connection, smooth and swift video streaming, and lighter but high-quality HD video streaming. In addition, Vimeo Live features flexible plans; outstanding customer support services; and exceptional video management services. They also partnered with the large Content Delivery Network (CDN) networks for faster video delivery and worldwide video broadcast.

Vimeo Live also integrated with a powerful live-streaming tool called Mevo. Mevo is a pocket-sized camera that you can use to capture real-time videos and stream them online with Vimeo Live. Mevo lets you edit while capturing video and allows you to broadcast the captured videos instantly with Vimeo Live. Mevo comes with three integrated cameras such that you can switch between them for better and interesting live-streaming coverage.

mevo vimeo live streamingGet Mevo helps you Make a Live video on Vimeo

Why Is Vimeo Live a Good Marketing Tool?

The following are the few benefits of using Vimeo Live as a marketing tool:

Wider Product Exhibition Coverage

Frankly, if you are a consumer looking for a product, you will want to be assured that the product can offer you what you desire before you go for it. So before you can convince customers, they will desire to see what your products can offer. As regards this, live-streaming has helped you cover the ground as you can conveniently showcase your products to the target customers.

Customer Traffic Booster

Livestreaming marketing is a highly engaging tool as it directly connects you to your target customers. Inherently, no one refuses to watch an interesting event; even if you don’t have the time will come back for it at leisure. With Vimeo Live, you can make your live stream video interesting, and you will be able to engage more customers, raise their curiosity about your products and services, and before you know it, your customer traffic will be skyrocketed.

Vimeo Live for MarketingMarketing chart

Better Conversion Rate

Digital and offline ads cannot stand the conversion rate of Vimeo Live. In order to increase your conversion rate through this tool, you can your contact details such as your website address, mobile phone number, and email. In addition, you can make your Vimeo Live live streaming interactive by creating an interactive session with your potential customers for them to interview you; and through this, you will be able to convince them and make them patronize your products. In addition, you can create a clickable web address at the end of the live stream from where they can reach your site for more information and in the long run purchase your products.

Promo Strategy

Through this tool, you can make your target customers aware of any promotional offer available for them if they patronize your products, and through this, you will be able to communicate more with your target customers and persuade them having convinced them of the merits of your products or services. As a result, you will generate more sales.

vimeo-ratingGet achievement with your customers

Winning More Customer Trusts

Every customer loves trust and transparent deals, and this is what Vimeo Live streaming offers because they see what you want to offer with their eyes, its features and how it works. This is the hallmark of marketing, what is called a transparent deal; due to this, they will be convinced that your products or services worth its weight in gold; hence, they will be confident and happy to pay for it.

How to Purchase Vimeo Live Plans

Vimeo Live service comes with affordable and flexible plans that customers can choose from. Vimeo Live has a 30-day free offer, Vimeo Basic, to showcase their live streaming services. Their paid plans include:

1. Vimeo Plus: This plan is for every customer. The charge is 7 USD per month which is billed annually. The plan offers 5GB of data per week with up to 250GB in a year.

2. Vimeo Pro: This is a professional plan. It is billed at 20 USD per month and charged annually. It offers 20GB per week of storage up to 1TB per year.

3. Vimeo Business: This plan is for teams and organizations, and it is charged at 50 USD per month that is billed annually with no weekly limit and up to 50TB per year.

4. Vimeo premium Live Streaming: This plan is billed at 75 USD per month and charged annually. It is designed for advanced video needs with unlimited video streaming of up to 7TB per month. This plan is built for Live Streaming.

You can purchase any of these plans by visiting Vimeo Live Plans (https://vimeo.com/upgrade) and select the plan of your choice.

For business owners who want their businesses to leap to the next level, purchase Vimeo Live today, it is the best option. Therefore, if you desire to have a thriving business like never before, focus on Vimeo Live! (https://vimeo.com/live).

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