May 22, 2022

Where To Start a Blog?

So you want to start your blog? That’s a brilliant idea! Not only is it a great pastime, but you can distinctively express yourself, promote a home business, help others with problems that you have dealt with, make money or even state yourself as an expert in a specific field. One of the most potent things about starting a blog is that you can start and maintain a blog without any programming skills like PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. Everything is taken care of by a suitable blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger

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 Blogger Vs. Which Blogging Platform is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing which platform Blogger vs, you need to select the right platform for your site. You also need to make the right decision between the two. Blogger is a blogging platform that allows multi-user or private blogs with time-stamped entries. Blogs created using this platform are hosted by Google at unless users purchase and register for a domain. is a blogging platform that uses an open-source framework known as WordPress to host users’ blogs. Blogs are hosted on with the free domain name for the paid plan. This blogging platform is the best and the most popular blogging platform out there. Until now, it has over 90 million active users. The following describes why it is worth to consider over Blogger when creating a blogging site. premium themes

 Blogger Themes VS Themes offers free and pre-made designs that have an active and powerful theming community that has over 90 free designs to pick. Most of the designs allow blog owners to customize colors, background images and themes, and other excellent visual designs. Most of them have potent widgets that make website customization easier. You can also purchase more premium themes directly for as low as $20. The premium themes have over 200 designs to select. Bloggers theming is very different. It only allows users to edit the code of their webpage. This is just helpful to users who have web programming skills such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Also, if you want custom designs and themes in Blogger, you cannot purchase them directly, you have to search for them in Google for purchase.

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 Mobile Blogging

Both Blogger and support mobile blogging. However, offers more advanced and highly rated applications. ’s iOs app has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on App Store compared to Blogger’s which has a score of 2 out of 5. The Android application on Google Play Store has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 compared to Blogger’s Application which has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. Also, has applications for Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia while Blogger does not support other mobile operating systems. Additionally, blogging in mobile phones comes with restrictions for Blogger. You cannot upload photos more than 250 Kilobytes in size keeping in mind that storage space is limited to Blogger free users. In, no such restrictions for mobile phone blogging.


 Anti-Spam service

Blogger has no anti-spam feature. has its feature called Akismet that prevents its users from spam when blogging. Akismet is implemented on all blogs built using


 Image Galleries

Blogger has no default or immediate support for image albums or galleries. Users can only use services like Flickr to showcase a class of images in a blog post, or else embed Google+’s albums into blog pages and posts. has extensive image gallery support that has photo-editing tools and gallery styling, Free third-party image gallery to embed to your blog. Users who plan to create a photo blog will find more powerful and easier to use. For the paid plan, gives more than 6GB storage space which means that you can upload any number of images on your blog page. This is a feature that Blogger users cannot have.

 Video and Audio Uploading

In, you can upload your videos or audios directly using the VideoPress upgrade service. With paid plan service, users can upload any audio file type including M4A, MP3, OGG, and WAV. You can also embed more file types like the Soundcloud’s audio player. Blogger is restricted to all this. You can only upload videos to YouTube or any other video-sharing website such as Vimeo, and then post them on your blogs. Also, Blogger does not have a built-in media player – you can only share audio mostly using Soundcloud embeds.

 Content Organization

For everyone who may want a well-organized content, WordPress.comn has better features that will organize your blogging content in a more logical way than Blogger does. organizes content in categories, subcategories, and tags whereas Blogger supports only labels.

Beginning with, you can pick a paid plan to start your blog. The paid plan has a lot of features like email marketing, free domain, email with domain name, custom DNS, Newsletter sign-up form, earn money with Wordads. Just starting a blog with a simple click, no coding talent is required.


It is seen that is the best blogging platform for beginners, advanced users, and web developers. Blogger is limited in that it is not open-source and has fewer features compared to You can enrich your potential using

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