October 5, 2022
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2022’s October, Which Apps Can Help Bypass Video Location Restrictions?

October 2022, Is it possible to bypass geographic restrictions issues? These cases are common nowadays. Let’s take, for example, you are streaming your favorite or latest movie, then you get a notification error stating that your geographical location can not allow you access the site. What would you do? Let’s look in detail what this means and how to solve it.

What is geographic blocking? Geographic blocking or geographical restriction is the process of limiting access to certain online content for users based on their geographical location.

There are so many questions like:

How to watch Netflix from other countries

How to Watch Netflix or Hulu?

how to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country?

how to access region-restricted websites?

How can I access blocked sites?

How do I unblock a website on my computer?

How do you unblock websites on Google Chrome?

You will get all your answers when reading all this content. And which applications can solve the issues.


copyright is one of the reasons why you get issues GEO Location Blocking

Why does website do geographical restriction?

This system is practiced by major companies like Hulu, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft. There are several reasons why these websites are doing geo-restrictions. These include copyright and licensing issue, preventing fraud, enforcing the regional restriction, price discrimination and protecting government information.

1. Copyright and licensing reason this comes when the license owners like Hulu and Netflix set terms and conditions of usage, in order to target their content to specific limited numbers of countries or region. These sites use the technique of geographic restrictions to limit access to their premium content due to copyright and licensing issues

behind this is that first, the issue of licensing. As in the case of Hulu and Netflix, they implement geographical blocking since they cannot show their content in certain parts of the world. It is forbidden in their terms and conditions of usage. Second is that maybe the content you are trying to access online is sensitive or it belongs to a government where it’s not supposed to be accessed by other citizens from other countries, Other reasons include the issue of copyright, competition, price discrimination and illegal content.

2. Price discrimination World online shops like Amazon uses the geo-restrictions technique to enable them to offer different prices of their goods and services depending on the user’s geographical location.

3. Restricting sensitive government information Governments use a system called blackout to provide regional Internet censorship temporarily in order to block viewers from accessing its political content or government information.

how to unblock geo location

how to unblock geolocation restrictions

How to bypass the geographical restriction

Common methods that have been used to bypass geographic restrictions include the use of VPN, proxy sites, and use of SmartDNS.

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is arguably the most simple and popular way to bypass geographical blocking. VPN is a network technology that provides secure network connection over a public network such as the Internet, or a privet network which is owned by the service provider. The main reason why they are popular is that of their ability to unblock geographically restricted access. Corporations, Government, and large companies use VPN technology to enable remote users to get a secure connection to a private network.

How can VPN help us bypass geographic restriction?

VPN works by sending up your Internet Protocol (IP) address and therefore changing your geographical location. It directs your Internet traffic through a secured server which allows you to hide your IP address and tricks the web you’re browsing to appear like your IP is located in another region, thereby giving you full access to the content. Besides VPN helping you get around geographic blocking, it also provides you with a high level of protection through encryption. This means that it will protect your personal information by securing your connection. However, the type of VPN used when bypassing geographic restriction really matters. If unreliable VPN services are used, you may experience a negative Internet speed. Also, VPN does not work on all devices, unless your router supports VPN. Therefore, which VPN applications are best for this service?PureVPN encrypted connection type

VPN also is the best application that can help you secure your connection. All your data going through the VPN connection will be protected by Encryption code that made by the VPN server. No one can harm your data and your activity is private.

Best VPN service for Geographic restriction.

Some of the commonly used VPN application available in the market are PureVPN, NordVPNVPN unlimited, WindScribe VPN, VPNsecure, Ivacy VPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, GetFlix, and SaferVPN. However, not all of them have proven result to solve your geo-blocking. Privacy, security, server coverage, compatibility and download speed should be your number one priority.

best vpn provider

Here are some of the best VPN provider on the market that might right to you

Therefore, the most regularly tested and confirmed to be the best VPN address to use are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, TunnelBear, and VyprVPN. These VPN addresses are based on rapid speed for streaming HD videos, fast customer support, plenty of location and the ability of not being blocked by Hulu, Netflix or BBC website.

⚪ ExpressVPN is currently the best for geographic restriction. It comes with lots of rapid speed, privacy and unblocking restricted websites. It uses smart servers which enable you to access unlimited speed and bandwidth. Its connection is stable. This has tremendous results in streaming TV shows, movies and even downloading content. ExpressVPN does not keep activity logs hence provides a secured connection for privacy safety. Any user of ExpressVPN is also able to get customer support any time through their responsive chat facility.

Moreover, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day guaranteed money back. It has several servers located in different countries of the world. ExpressVPN works to unblock streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

⚪ NordVPN NordVPN is also an excellent service to unlock geographic restriction. It has a super high-speed that enables your browser to be efficient. NordVPN offers double encryption which provides tight security, zero logs policy and DNS leak protection to keep your IP address completely hidden when you are unblocking content. It comes with DNS which is baked into VPN that enables it to unlock content providers, including Hulu. It also unblocks Netflix, ABC video, and BBC. The company has also specialized servers for fast streaming. A single subscription of NordVPN will allow you to connect several devices at the same time. NordVPN is also compatible with several devices including MacOS, and Android.

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⚪ PureVPN is one of the wonderful VPN providers on the market. They have been on the market for the very long time. PureVPN has offered us a ? Skyrocket VPN package for users Subscription work throughout 365 days unlimited transfer access across ? 141 countries around the world. You can use PureVPN to bypass geo-blocking. ?By this way, you can watch any online video streaming without to worry about anything else.

? PureVPN compatible with Consoles, Roku, Smart TV, Amazon fire, Chromecast, Routers, Laptops

⬜ Desktops, and others Smart devices
⬜ 256-bit encryption to protect and safeguard user’s data
⬜ Self-managed network No 3rd Parties Your Data
⬜ Automatic Protocol selection
⬜ Extra 80,000+ IPs address
⬜ DDoS Protection Pro 24/7 safe
⬜ Dedicated IP add-on available
⬜ Multiple Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for different devices.
⬜ Secure all your devices access Wifi Public Network.

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⚪ VyprVPN It’s the leading VPN provider with the highest number of ultra fast servers in the world. VyperVPN does not rely on third-party hosting. The company operates and manage it on a network server, providing users the bandwidth for streaming HD without buffering. It also has zero logs with the strongest encryption. VyprVPN has excellent service to bypass the strictest firewalls that unblock VPN connection. It’s very reliable since it protects its users from various IP leaks. VyprVPN company also provides great extra services like auto-connect options to make browsing easier for its user. It also offers a wide range of clients and its Windows software makes it easy to use. It has the best SCARYPEance results with a speedy connection. It’s the best server to unblock streaming content of ABC videos and Hulu.

 TunnelBear VPN is much more than just a Netflix unlocking service. Unlike other services, TunnelBear is one of the few elite VPN services that offer a free VPN service. It comes with the added advantage of giving its users opportunity to increase their bandwidth each month by tweeting about the company. It’s also easy to use and provide privacy protection to its user through an encrypted tunnel. It can bypass internet censorship in Netflix and Hulu.

Conclusion. Many services like Hulu, ABC, Netflix, and BBC block their content based on your location. Luckily, you can use VPN services to bypass geographic restrictions. VPN service is able to protect your privacy as well as keeping your Internet speed fast. For just a small monthly subscription fee, you can live happily and enjoy your favorite show on BBC, ABC, Hulu, and Netflix.

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