$79 WhiteSmoke Premium Lifetime Subscription


 WhiteSmoke  an intelligent all in one spelling, grammar, and style App – is offering a premium package with the lifetime subscription. This App will let you write free error articles either for your personal use, online use or for official use.

Regardless of how best you are in writing, it’s hard to lack some mistakes, whether you fit in that mold or you are just an awful writer altogether, WhiteSmoke will offer you a solution. with WhiteSmoke, you will become an expert writer.

If you’re a writer and you are making your income by the writing way, WhiteSmoke is the tool you must have.

Deal: $79 WhiteSmoke Premium Lifetime Subscription

  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Sale begins: 9-12-2018(Dec 9th)

  • Premium includes Anywhere & Writer Expert
  • Includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, style & plagiarism checker
  • Includes writing tutorials, document & letter templates
  • Full-text translator & dictionary for over 50 languages
  • English grammar video tutorials
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word & Outlook; MacOS Sierra; Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP; All web browsers

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With its high advanced technology, WhiteSmoke analysis, and checks your work both grammar, punctuation, style errors among others so you always send document free from fluffs again. Regardless of either, you are writing on a mobile phone or your desktop, this software is easily used and compatible with all browsers, and over 50 languages translator. You can perfect your writing wherever you are on it virtually.

WhiteSmoke Premium: Lifetime Subscription Specifications
• WhiteSmoke Premium lifetime subscription comes with various goodies which will leave you smiling after you have done your work. It’s rich with various features which are designed to meet all your needs. These WhiteSmoke premium lifetime subscription features include;

• Entire lifetime updates. You will be able to receive any update for your software in your entire life if you subscribe to WhiteSmoke premium lifetime.

• It includes anywhere and writer experts. This means you will be able to access your software regardless of where you will be located. And it has all the features needed by an expert writer thus making your writing career more enjoyable.

• The Software is equipped with spelling, punctuation, grammar as well as style and plagiarism checker-With premium subscription, you will be submitting the content which is free from plagiarism, grammar errors, spelling, as well as punctuation and style errors since WhiteSmoke has great features to handle all such kind of errors which may hinder your writing career.

• It has writing tutorials, documents, and letter samples premium subscription comes with many tutorials, letter templates as well as documents which you can read and gain more skills in your writing journey thus making you nourish your writing skills.

• Complete text translation and over 50 languages dictionary. With this package, you can translate your document into the various language with ease and access the various meaning of the word in different languages from the dictionary provided.

• It has English grammar video tutorials. WhiteSmoke premium subscription for life offers various English grammar video tutorials which you will use to improve your language grammar so as to avoid derailing back due to grammar problems.

This software is compatible with many software among them including Microsoft Word and Outlook, Windows 10,8.1,8,7, Vista and Windows XP. It is also compatible to MacOS Sierra.
The other very important feature is that, it’s compatible with all web browsers thus making your work easier regardless of which type of browser you are using.

The software is advanced in all sort of technology thus making it allow digital redemption.
After purchasing your software you can redeem your license within the 390 days of purchase.
The software is restricted to one user use thus you are supposed to use it for one user.
With a premium subscription, your length of access is not limited in any way you will access it for the rest of your life both current and future product features.

WhiteSmoke is Godfather to all your writing problems. Take action and purchase your premium lifetime subscription to enjoy all these sorts of feature which will make you grow in a career among other benefits associated with it.

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