October 6, 2022

More Info WordPress.com Upgrade to Personal vs Premium vs Business

October 2022, When you need to upgrade WordPress to any plan personal, premium, business; you will more information. Instead of buying a shared web hosting from any web hosting provider then building your site from scratch, why not begin it simpler with WordPress hosting that powered by the WordPress.com provider. Everything will be easier, simpler 10 times than ever. You don’t need to border yourself with harder things, coding things, technical skills. Actually, You don’t need that. Put that messy stuff away. With WordPress premium or small business plan, you can start to build a personal blog, freelancing blog, or starting to build T-shirts online Store, E-commerce products in just a few steps.

The WordPress community is larger than you think. There are hundreds of thousands of websites around that building by WordPress. This means you have a lot of support resources when using WordPress. Or even when sticking around to WordPress paid plan, more visitors, more followers from the WordPress community will follow to every move of your site. They help you get the achievement with all the things you put into it. Why not start right now?

Check Out WordPress Plans and Pricing.

***The provider also gives you a domain name with any plan you choose, except for a free plan. Not only offers a domain name for any paid plan, but the WordPress.com provider also offers free domain privacy hidden for that domain name too. It means all your private information when subscribing to domain names to ICANN will be hidden from the public.


Over the last decade, WordPress has continually gained popularity with the increasing number of active internet users. The company has managed to make the web and content creation process fast, easy, and efficient. This is so much so that any user can subscribe and set up a website of choice using WordPress theme templates within moments even without expert knowledge of how it works. Based on the desired use and purpose of the website, WordPress has four pricing plans allocated. The four plans include free, personal, premium, and business packages.

What do WordPress.com plans offer?

Each plan is designed to a specific target of clients with the aim of making their uses efficient for their purposes. The website’s use and features increase as you progress through the various levels and packages with the best being the business package

wordpress premium vs business

Personal package vs Premium package vs Business package

This comparison will help you see the difference between every single plan. Each plan was designed for every purpose of usages. The highest level is the business plan has a high value for small business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, or even freelancers. Don’t think it costly, it doesn’t right for you. Let think about the value it helps to grow your business.

Free package

Persons who may want to find ground on how the platform works mainly use the free package. It offers the least number of features and has numerous limitations. The users may create a website but will have to maintain a wordpress.com subdomain. It has the advantage of having all jetpack essential features and an assortment of basic design themes. Users can only enjoy community support and a maximum of 3 GB of storage space. On this package, websites and blogs created may be plagued with WordPress advertisements. Since this package is not charged, it may be the best for the first few days to allow users to familiarize themselves with WordPress.

The free plan just designs for the free trial purpose, a lot of features have been stripped out from this plan.


Personal package

The personal package improves on the free package by allowing a custom domain name, live chat and email support assistance, more access to themes, 6 GB storage space and removal of ads. At only $4 a month, users can enjoy a fully designed efficient WordPress website without advertisements all through. Light blog users most commonly use this and other lightweight website needs.


Premium package

The premium package succeeds in the personal package and supersedes all the benefits posed by the personal package. Users can have a custom domain name, enjoy live chat, and email support. The package allows its users access to an unlimited repository of advanced design themes with advanced CSS customization tools. Users on the same avenue enjoy 13 GB storage space. With no adverts, users on this level are able to monetize their site and post adverts or even allow impressions to add advertisements on it. As a further advantage, the site allows fast video uploads to the site using VideoPress support. At only $8 per month, this package has been branded best for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The important key to this plan is the premium themes, when you subscribe to this plan, you will have a chance to access unlimited premium templates from the WordPress.com premium themes library. You don’t need to pay extra for buying WordPress themes from the market.


Business package

The business package is the best and offers the most features of its peers. Users enjoy all benefits the benefits allowed to other packages with an edge on others. The package offers Google analytics support as well as unlimited storage. Users can attend live courses and enjoy the use of advanced SEO tools for their content. The user can further remove wordpress.com branding on their site and install custom plugins and themes onto their site. At $25 a month, this package offers the best services of all packages allowed by WordPress.

The small business plan offers unlimited access to the WordPress Premium themes + unlimited the disk space storage on WordPress’s server. The member of this plan has a lot of other benefits like custom upload plugins, themes; remove WordPress ads and WP branding.

The special thing about this plan is SEO optimization, it helps your site get more and more visitors. The second special thing is you can earn money from WordPress.com by adding advertising to your site through our WordAds program and earn money from impressions.

Conclusion WordPress is a fast and easy to use web creation service that has helped millions create and keep up with web trends and technology. This has made this the best time for users to subscribe and even upgrade to the best packages they may wish to purchase. Why make the web creation process difficult while you can have it done in minutes on WordPress?

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