October 6, 2022
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How much would you pay for WordPress Support Services?

You have no idea how much this will change your life, Read on. Creating a website or a blog for your business is not a difficult task as many people may presume. You can do it any way you like, but you won’t be able to achieve your objectives with just a simple site. To create a classic website that complements your work and offers maximum benefits towards your business, you have to use a remarkable platform that will steer your business towards growth. This is why WordPress is the top and an excellent choice for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and almost every online business. The platform offers excellent features that enable your site to grow immensely while driving your vision forward.

mojo market place online support wordpress

To maximize the use of WordPress features, you may require assistance from experts to understand what matches your business You can do it on your own but eventually take a long time or even mess up along the way. You should not go through all these alone when it can only take a few days to come up with an ideal site for your business. This is where WP Live mojo marketplace comes in to make everything easier and possible for you.

Do you know that after WordPress has updated its core to Gutenberg new editor, people got a lot of issues around this update? Let’s the WP Experts hunting down your issue today.

WP Live Services

The platform constitutes a team of committed members who have excellent knowledge of WordPress functionalities. WP Live connects you to these experts who are always available to listen to your needs and after that come up with accurate ideas on what fits your business. The good thing is that you can hire their services from the beginning and help you create a custom website that will attract business towards your side.

wp live support services

Select the right tools

The experts will help you select the most appropriate tool you will require to run and maintain your site. WordPress is a popular system that has millions of tools, but unless you know what is right for your site, you can mess with your work. The WP Live experts can outline all the tools you need in just a few minutes.

Optimize and grow your site

After developing the desirable website, it takes a lot of skills to improve the visibility so that many people can see your website. This is something you can’t achieve by yourself unless you know all the strategies. WP Live experts will execute the work fast, and you will realize your site ranking is improving at a faster rate. There are many ways to realize this goal, but only skilled experts can do it. This is the most important part as you want to attract more people, clients, customers or whatever work makes you develop the website.

Save Time

If you decide to do it on your own, you will consume a lot of time and even years to accomplish a single task. You will need to spend sleepless nights doing research. WP Live experts can do this within a day where they will recommend the best plugins and WordPress themes that will result in an outstanding website.


WP Live main goal is to help clients develop the most desirable websites that suit their purpose. This is why they provide the most affordable packages to suit every client. You can enroll in the WP Live Lite where they charge only $29 a month if you are stuck somewhere, and you need fast answers and recommendations to solve your problem.

The second package is WP Live where they charge you $49 a month for learning the WordPress skills that will help you solve the problems on your own much easier and fast.

The final package is the WP Live Pro where you have to pay $149 a month to develop and maintain your dream website for your business. They use the most advanced WordPress features and keep improving your site as the demand comes up.

Mojo Marketplace WP Live Plans and Pricing

Mojo MarketPlace – WP Live Plans and Pricing

There will be a chance to get a 20% off when you switch to the annual plan. Any time you select WP live services and pay for a year-round, you’re going to get a maximum discount 20% on this service.

Finish What You Started

If you have already started then got to a point where you faced stumbling roadblocks, you can still get on the way. You only need to contact WP Live experts for consultation and get the best advice and recommendations on how to move forward. They can pick from where you missed some important aspects or start afresh and achieve the site you had admired for so long. They will instantly refine your SEO strategies, marketing, product promotion and make sure your site is secured from unauthorized access and hacks.

As you have observed, WP Live experts are the right partners when it comes to developing quality WordPress site. They charge you efficiently considering the work they deliver. You only need to contact them and have a consultation and get to know the way forward in an instant.

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