$89 ZenMate VPN Lifetime Ultimate Subscription


Zenmate VPN is offering the Ultimate package for the lifetime subscription for only $89. Zenmate is one of popular VPN application on the market that helps the user gain access to the restricted streaming content on the internet while surfing the web by changing the IP location.

It has over 41 million users are using its application which means the Zenmate product very popular and most loved. ZenMate offers hundreds of servers in more than 30+ locations, super speeds, and best encryption. There are more than 61,856 votes on Google play and 29,260 votes on Google Chrome extension. Zenmate supports a lot of browsers like:

  • Browsers supported: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, SRWare Iron, Chromium, Yandex & Comodo Drago
  • Platform supported: Windows, Mac, ios, android

Deal: $89 Zenmate Ultimate VPN Package Lifetime Subscription

  • Length of access: lifetime – renewable after an initial 2-year subscription
  • It’s a limited time offer
  • 15 Devices available
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Licenses can only be used for new accounts at ZenMate

The Zenmate VPN provider offers this deal on Stacksocial market. Stacksocial accepts PayPal and all types of credit card.


What type of Encryption is Zenmate VPN using?

Zenmate VPN Is using the latest TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) protocol, it supports AES 128(128-bit encryption) to make the fast connection and protect users out of the timing attack.

Have you felt bad every time visiting a website that does not allow access from your country? Sometimes, you will get upset or make you crazy. Why such a difference between the countries? Why I can’t have it. Don’t be so sad! There is a solution out there. VPN is the bright thing you must need to know. It will help you by visiting any website without the hassle of feeling restricted. Now you can use Zenmate on most of the platform to gain access to all the restricted streaming contents such as Youtube Video, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, website contents and much more.

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