It’s May 2024. The Dedicated IP service addon is an extra feature offered by some VPN services around the internet for VPN experts who know what is different before and after using VPN with Dedicated IP. I will let you see how powerful the VPN is with the support of a Dedicated IP.

Before and After Using VPN with Dedicated IP

➟ A Dedicated IP ensures smoother access to online services that shared IP addresses might otherwise hinder. Banking, streaming, and gaming platforms often recognize Dedicated IPs as more secure, granting you uninterrupted access.

Bypassing IP Bans: Dedicated IPs help circumvent IP bans on websites and forums, granting unrestricted participation and communication in various online communities.

Enhanced Security: Dedicated IPs reduce the risk of being mistakenly blocked due to the actions of other users sharing the same IP. This added layer of security ensures your online activities remain uninterrupted.

Faster Support: When seeking customer support, having a Dedicated IP can expedite the process, as service providers can quickly identify and assist you without the complications of shared IP addresses.

NordVPN Dedicated IP

NordVPN’s Dedicated IP feature is a game-changer for remote workers. With a Dedicated IP, you can easily access your work tools from anywhere in the world. Do you no longer worry about being blocked or restricted by geographic limitations? Need to log into your company’s network? No problem. Want to access sensitive documents from a different country? NordVPN has got you covered.

But the benefits continue beyond there. With a Dedicated IP, you can also avoid CAPTCHAs and other annoying distractions that often pop up when using VPNs. By having an IP address exclusively yours, websites no longer see your traffic as suspicious or coming from an unknown location, eliminating the need for those frustrating security checks.

Another significant advantage of having a Dedicated IP is avoiding being delisted by websites and services. VPNs are sometimes associated with fraudulent activities because they allow users to mask their valid location and bypass certain restrictions. However, with NordVPN’s Dedicated IP feature, all these concerns become moot as your online activities are transparent and traceable to your unique IP address.

NordVPN’s Dedicated IP offers remote workers unprecedented convenience and peace of mind when accessing their essential tools without hindrances or interruptions like CAPTCHAs or blocklisting issues. It opens up new possibilities for working efficiently across borders while maintaining online security and integrity.

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Surfshark Dedicated IP

Having a dedicated IP with Surfshark is like having your online identity that no one else has access to. With a dedicated IP, you can browse the internet without fearing being flagged as suspicious or banned from specific websites or services. Whether you’re an avid gamer, a frequent traveler, or someone who values online security and privacy, a dedicated IP from Surfshark is the way to go.

One of the critical advantages of having a dedicated IP is that it allows you to access services sensitive to IP changes. Certain websites and online platforms require a static IP address for authentication purposes, meaning using a dynamic IP could result in restricted access. Getting a dedicated IP with Surfshark can bypass this issue and effortlessly access these services without interruptions.

In addition to providing access to sensitive services, Surfshark’s dedicated IP protects all your connected devices. It means that whether you’re browsing on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other internet-connected device. Having an added layer of security for all your devices ensures peace of mind knowing that your personal information and data are well-protected.

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Cyberghost Dedicated IP

CyberGhost VPN is your ultimate solution for keeping your privacy and access to IP-restricted networks intact. By offering a dedicated IP VPN, CyberGhost protects your online activities to a whole new level. With this feature, you can enjoy seamless access to websites, streaming services, or even corporate networks that may block users with shared IPs.

What makes this dedicated IP VPN remarkable is that it doesn’t compromise your anonymity in any way. While other VPN providers may offer dedicated IPs as an add-on service, CyberGhost ensures that all traffic passing through its network remains encrypted and shielded from prying eyes. It means you can confidently secure sensitive information without fearing being hacked or tracked.

Moreover, having a dedicated IP offers additional benefits beyond unhindered access. For instance, if you frequently access online banking or financial services that employ stringent security measures like two-factor authentication, using a consistent IP address reduces the risk of being flagged as suspicious by these systems. With CyberGhost’s dedicated IP solution, you gain convenience while preserving confidentiality – a win-win situation!

CyberGhost’s dedicated IP VPN feature at your disposal makes online freedom and privacy easily attainable. Whether you need unrestricted browsing options or require seamless connectivity to restricted networks while maintaining total privacy and security – CyberGhost has got you covered! Their dedication to preserving anonymity guarantees hassle-free experiences across the internet while providing peace of mind against potential threats.

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PureVPN Dedicated IP

With PureVPN’s Dedicated IP feature, users can experience more server control. Unlike shared IPs used by multiple users simultaneously, a dedicated IP is for a single user. It allows for greater control and customization options as users can set their preferred server location and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

One of the notable benefits of having a dedicated IP is avoiding captcha interruptions. Captchas are security measures websites use to verify that a user is human, not a bot. However, these captchas can sometimes be intrusive and disrupt the browsing experience. Using the PureVPN Dedicated IP, users can bypass such captchas more efficiently since they have exclusive access to their designated IP address.

Another advantage of having a dedicated IP is enabling incoming traffic from specific ports. It benefits gamers or those requiring remote access to certain services or devices. With this feature, users can open specific ports on their routers and direct incoming traffic directly to their device connected through the dedicated IP address provided by PureVPN.

PureVPN’s Dedicated IP offers enhanced server control, freedom from captcha interruptions, and flexibility in managing incoming traffic from specific ports. It provides an added convenience layer for users seeking uninterrupted browsing experiences while catering to specific needs such as gaming or remote device access.

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PIA Dedicated IP

Using a dedicated IP with PIA VPN offers many advantages for users seeking complete online anonymity and security. Its fully encrypted and anonymous static IP gives you ultimate control over your online presence. Unlike shared IPs, there is no risk of other users engaging in illegal activities that could tarnish your reputation or bring unwanted attention to your IP address.

Furthermore, having a dedicated IP allows you to bypass certain restrictions imposed by websites or streaming platforms that may block access to shared IPs. It means you can enjoy unrestricted access to geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. Whether accessing your favorite streaming service while traveling or maintaining seamless connectivity with work-related platforms, a dedicated IP ensures convenience and flexibility without compromising privacy.

Furthermore, using a dedicated IP adds additional protection against DDoS attacks. By utilizing PIA VPN’s secure server network, you can divert any potential threats from your connection and enable smooth and uninterrupted online experiences. So why settle for anything less safeguarding your digital footprint? Embrace the power of a dedicated IP with PIA VPN and take charge of your online journey like never before!

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How to Order VPN Dedicated IP

At the product page of a VPN service, you need to select a Dedicated IP from a drop-down menu, or at the checkout page of a VPN order; you need to choose the Dedicated IP option as an extra order for a VPN addon:

Or you can check out to order later inside the VPN dashboard of your VPN service if the support Dedicated IP addon.

Please, be sure to buy VPN service and dedicated IP at the same VPN providers.

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