2024 June AdGuard DNS: Online Protection for Your Family – Special Offer

AdGuard DNS is a powerful DNS ad-blocking service that improves your browsing experience. It controls all web traffic on your devices and blocks unwanted ads, trackers, and malicious domains. This privacy-focused DNS service is a trusted alternative to your current DNS provider, making the Internet safer for everyone at home or work. With AdGuard DNS, you can also block ads, trackers, and analytics for any website or app. Say goodbye to intrusive ads and unwanted tracking tools, and enjoy a faster and more secure browsing experience with AdGuard DNS.

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Effective Ad Blocking Ability

AdGuard DNS uses powerful filters to remove ads and trackers on every connected device. It allows you to use default filters, manually block domains, or both.

AdGuard DNS’s advertising and tracking filters are very strong, it will restrict all inappropriate content for household members.

** Useful feature: Parental Control **

AdGuard DNS helps keep your children safe on the Internet. It protects your children from child-inappropriate content on websites, search results, and videos. You have full control over which sites should be blocked and for how long.

You just need to turn this feature on and over 80% of inappropriate content will be restricted. There is no way to access inappropriate websites after enabling this feature through the AdGuard DNS app, or from the ISP router modem if you directly install DNS Family protection IPV4, IPV6 which is different from AdGuard DNS default IPV4, IPV6.

AdGuard DNS Statistics Feature Right At Your Fingertips

With AdGuard DNS, you can get real-time statistics about DNS requests of all devices. This means you can view statistics by day, country, or device, or switch to a comprehensive view. You can enable and edit DNS filters for each device at any time. This feature helps you monitor any unusual activity through your internet connection that AdGuard DNS has browsed online websites.

Smart Custom Filter Easy to use

Simply accessing your custom filter settings, AdGuard DNS allows you to decide which domains should be blocked or allowed on each of your devices. Connect your computer, smartphone, tablet or router and manage their DNS queries, however, you see fit.

Absolute security

AdGuard DNS not only blocks ads and trackers but also protects you from malicious domains. It helps block phishing sites and malware, helping you browse the web more safely.

Helps increase web download speed and faster internet connection applications

By blocking ads and trackers, AdGuard DNS helps speed up your web browsing. Ads and trackers often consume a lot of bandwidth, so blocking them can help websites load faster.

Helps make the lifespan of your family’s computer better, as well as make the computer less noisy due to loading unnecessary ads and tracking.

**Easy Installation Process **

AdGuard DNS app is easy to install and use. Simply change your DNS settings in the AdGuard DNS app settings on your computer or device and you’re ready to go. It works with most devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and routers.

Particularly if you want to set up directly on an ISP internet router modem, you should ask for help from an expert on setting up an internet router modem. Or you can read detailed instructions from the Adguard DNS website if you want to set it up yourself.

AdGuard DNS Customer Support is quite good

If you encounter an issue while using AdGuard DNS, the provider’s customer support team is always happy to help. They can help you solve problems and answer your questions. Contact the support team to help you.

With all these powerful features, AdGuard DNS is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their web browsing experience. Sign up now, this is a deal not to be missed. Sign up for AdGuard DNS today and start browsing the web more securely, quickly, and comfortably.

Special Offer from AdGuard DNS for Households

Buy Now - AdGuard DNS: 5-Year Subscription - Family

AdGuard DNS currently has a special offer for households with multiple computers. With this package deal, you can protect all the computers in your family at a very reasonable price.

All in one purchase: AdGuard DNS Protects multiple PCs and devices across your household.

With this fair price, you can install AdGuard DNS on all computers in your family. Whether you have one computer or many computers, AdGuard DNS can protect them effectively.

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