2024 June Save 60% AdGuard DNS 5 Years Subscription

It’s time to get an AdGuard DNS subscription to use this app on your family devices to keep all your device’s connections always in your eyes.

Save 60% on AdGuard DNS 5 Years Subscription

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Block Ads and Trackers with Precision

AdGuard DNS acts as a vigilant sentinel, using robust filters to eliminate ads and trackers on every connected device. Whether you prefer default filters, manual domain blocking, or a combination of both, AdGuard DNS empowers you to take control of your online environment.

Parental Control: A Guardian for Your Kids

For parents who are always concerned about their children’s online safety, AdGuard DNS provides a reliable solution. Shield your kids from the content you don’t want them to see on website search results while gaining complete control over which sites should be accessible and when.

Real-time Stats at Your Fingertips

Knowledge is power, and AdGuard DNS ensures you have it. Get real-time statistics on DNS requests for all your connected devices. Whether you want to view stats by date, country, or appliance or take a bird’s eye view, the dashboard provides insights that empower you to make informed decisions about your online experience.

Customized Filtering for Personalized Security

Not all online threats are created equal, and AdGuard DNS understands that. Tailor your online security by deciding which websites work or do not, then ensure it will always be out of your results. Whether you’re connecting your computer, smartphone, tablet, or router, manage their DNS queries to suit your preferences.

Understanding DNS: The Internet’s Address Book

Before we delve deeper into how AdGuard DNS works, let’s take a moment to understand DNS – the Domain Name System. Think of it as the “address book” of the Internet, translating user-friendly domain names into IP addresses that devices can comprehend.

Automatic Protection Against Attacks

Connect your device to AdGuard DNS, which automatically springs into action, protecting you from online attacks. It resolves IPs for every URL you visit, blocking harmful sites and defending against ads, tracking, and other content, ensuring your online experience is secure.

Easy to use Dashboard

The AdGuard DNS dashboard provides an easy-to-use and friendly interface to track device domains, enabling swift blocking of unwanted sites. Take charge of your online environment quickly and enjoy a seamlessly controlled web experience.

Check out Now - AdGuard DNS 5-Year Subscription

Say goodbye to intrusive ads, unwanted trackers, and compromised online security. AdGuard DNS is not just a DNS provider; it’s your digital guardian, enhancing your web browsing experience and making the internet safer for everyone.

You have this deal right now that saves 60% on a 5-year subscription – invest in AdGuard DNS today and revolutionize how you interact with the digital world.

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