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  • Optimized for macOS Sonoma 14
  • Touch ID-enabled for Windows sign-in
  • OpenGL 4.1 Support in Windows
  • Designed to run CentOS 9 Stream on a Mac with Apple silicon
  • Designed to run Intel-based software in Arm-based Linux
  • Vast improvements for macOS virtual machine on Mac computers with Apple silicon

How to Run Windows Apps on Mac with Parallels

Running Windows applications on a Mac has become an essential part of Windows users’ seeking to access software. Parallels Desktop is a powerful virtualization software to run Windows applications on Mac.

To run Windows apps on Mac using Parallels:

  • Install Parallels Desktop:

The first step is to download and install Parallels Desktop on your Mac. You can obtain the software from the Parallels website and follow the installation wizard to set it up on your system.

  • Set up a Virtual Machine:

Once you install Parallels Desktop, launch the application and create a new virtual machine. Parallels will guide you through the process, allowing you to choose the Windows version and configure the virtual machine settings based on your requirements.

  • Install Windows:

After setting up the virtual machine, you must install Windows on it. Parallels Desktop provides options to install Windows directly from an installation disc or using an ISO file. You need to follow the instructions to install it.

  • Install Windows Applications:

You can install the desired applications successfully on your virtual machine with Windows. Treat your virtual machine as a physical Windows computer and install applications just as you would on a regular PC.

  • Access Windows Apps on Mac:

Once the Windows applications are available within the virtual machine, you can access them directly from your Mac. Parallels Desktop offers different viewing modes, allowing you to switch between the Windows environment and macOS. You can run Windows applications in full-screen mode or integrate them with the macOS desktop.

  • Sharing Files and Clipboard:

Parallels Desktop enables easy file sharing and clipboard integration between Windows and macOS. 

  • Performance Optimization:

To ensure the smooth performance of your virtual machine and Windows applications, allocating sufficient resources to the virtual machine is essential. Parallels Desktop allows you to adjust the amount of RAM, CPU cores, and disk space allocated to the virtual machine according to your needs.

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