March 26, 2023
sticky pass premium

$29.99 Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Subscription

Sticky Password Premium is a popular password manager for computer and mobile devices. The software comes with lifetime license, once you buy it. You do not have to pay monthly charges for using other password managers. Whether you want to create a complex password, store your passwords, sync with multiple devices, protect password managers by using biometric authentication and lot more.

sticky pass premium

Features of the Sticky Password Premium is lot amazing and unique if we compare it with other password managers. It stores all the passwords and valuable credentials in one encrypted and centralized database. Sticky Password Premium has an array of features to offer to their users like automatically you can log in to the websites and moreover you don’t have to remember your new log in details from time to time, as this software gets you covered with. Sticky Password Premium gives you strong encryption with one master security password, and above all; it offers the ability to sync passwords with all the devices. In addition to its amazing features, the software has utility functions like creating secure memos, and you can also bookmark web pages from multiple browsers. The software supports Windows, IOS, MacOS, and Android. Premium version of the Software comes with pricing, but you can also use the trial version of the Password Manager.


Features of Sticky Password Premium

  1. This password manager has the ability to save one’s identity, useful for online form-filling that proves to be timer saver sometimes
  2. The password manager has the feature of Auto-generation of secure passwords
  3. Biometric authentication for mobile devices including the fingerprint scanner
  4. Offers Wi-fi syncing across multiple devices
  5. The password manager has cloud password storage and ability of cloud syncing across the devices
  6. Option of Cloud Backup

Sticky Password Premium offers a very friendly interface that allows the user to navigate through key features such as memos, bookmarks, accounts and quick access to websites. Overall, Stick Password Premium is a good password manager that uses AES-256 to secure the password database. One of the best features of this Password manager is browser integration and easy to use interface which you won’t see in any other password managers. This password manager has received very positive reviews from the users, as they recommend it for the secure and amazing experience.

Sticky Password Manager and Safe

Sticky Password for Android phones and tablets is yet another powerful and straightforward password manager that is completely free to use. Although it does not offer synchro and cloud backup features that are for premium members, but with this free password manager you can easily manage and secure your passwords anytime and anywhere. Sticky Password Manager still offers you the ability to log in automatically to any website. This app helps you to keep all your favorite login credentials, at one place. This password manager offers one-click features instead of tedious typing on a small screen and Streamlined identities to organize and securely store personal data.

At last, Sticky Password Manager is must have Application that secures the password and personal data in the encrypted database. The software saves a lot of time by helping in Automatic form-filling. Install it for free from Google play store for your Android Phones and tablets.

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