It’s April 2024. It’s time to install SSL Certificate to secure your online website or online store with GoDaddy offers for SSL certificate discount. You can boost your website’s security and credibility with an SSL certificate to protect users’ data and gain trust. Today, I’d like to give you some of the best offers for a GoDaddy SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate Details

I’d like to share with you more information about these types of new SSL Certificates that benefit your installation and maintenance and your website multi-domain or Wildcard subdomains.

A Wildcard SSL certificate is an SSL Certificate that can use on multiple subdomains within a certificate.

Multi-domain SSL certificate is an SSL certificate that can use multiple domains within a certificate.

Managed SSL certificates is an SSL certificate management service offered by GoDaddy. These certificates include Godaddy’s support and handle the installation and maintenance.

SSL Certificates for Business

If you run business websites, you will need these types of SSL Certificates with more specific information about your business.

SSL Certificate TypeLevel of SecurityVerification
DV SSL certificateBasicDomain name ownership
OV SSL certificateMediumDomain name ownership and organization identity
EV SSL certificateHighDomain name ownership, organization identity, and physical address

To choose the best SSL certificate for your business, consider the level of security you need, the number of domains you need to secure, and your budget.

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