2024 July Save 30% Namecheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Offers Discount

It’s July 2024. It’s time to get an SSL certificate for your websites, online store, or business website with a significant saving on Namecheap Wildcard SSL Certificates. Namecheap offers so many subscription plans of SSL certificates to choose from 1 year to five years subscription so that you can order a maximum of up to five years if you do not want to renew it again and again within five years.

Save 30% Namecheap Wildcard SSL Offers - 5 years subscription

Save 50% Namecheap SSL Offers - 5 years subscription

Save 36% Namecheap SSL Offers - 5 years subscription

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL certificate can cover security for the primary domain and its subdomains. Instead of obtaining and managing separate SSL certificates for each subdomain, a single Wildcard SSL certificate covers them, allowing multiple subdomains and primary domains within a single SSL certificate.

Websites that Benefit from Wildcard SSL Certificates:

E-commerce platforms: Websites that process online transactions and handle sensitive customer information across multiple subdomains, such as product pages, checkout pages, and user accounts, greatly benefit from the comprehensive security offered by Wildcard SSL certificates.

Corporate websites with multiple branches or departments: Companies with many departments often maintain separate subdomains for each entity. Wildcard SSL certificates ensure secure communication between these subdomains and the main website, strengthening overall security.

Blogs or media websites with user-generated content: Websites that host user-generated content across different subdomains, such as blogs, forums, or media platforms, can protect user information and maintain a secure browsing experience with Wildcard SSL certificates.

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